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    About my unruly baby

    What is the appeal of the mutt, the hybrid, the crossbreed, the synthesis, I wonder? I love things that are impure, that are the result of miscegenation (hear that Foghorn Leghorn-style: “Ah say-ed ‘miscegenation’, son.”) I like what crosses boundaries and breaks down borders. I like what is absurd and awkward and ridiculous and wrong and all the in-between places that odd and ridiculous and unlikely and preposterous juxtapositions make a person go. There is more than one part to this unruly thing, more than one catalyst for it, yes indeed, but that? that place of in-betweeny intersection? That is at the heart of unruly. Yes. It surely is.
    What I can also tell you about this beautiful creature is that it could not exist without the good smart design brains of the folks at Roseander Main.

    Both images from the Mask series by LIMOW (David Hernández Bernal), 17x17 cm, 2008