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    Spring is here, and with a vengeance

    It’s crazy-hot here now and it’s not even June yet.

    Summer started early this year. Like, practically in January. Seriously. The only snow I saw all winter was in March when I went up into the mountains of Norway, where I stayed in a 400-hundred-year-old cabin and slept under reindeer skins and had a storybook sauna that culminated in running starkers from the sauna out onto the side of the snowy mountain and taking a snow bath. (Best. Feeling. Ever, I might add. If you’ve never done this, do it! My body was so happy for the rest of the day I can’t even tell you. Katy and Endorphin Rush, sittin’ in a tree …)

    Anyway, I digress. Which is actually fine, because I don’t have much to say except “Hey! Where’d my winter go?” and “Hey! Why was it 30C [86F, for you Americanos] on May 25th? That cray-cray!” So after our non-winter, we’re having non-spring, or maybe bulked-up steroid-gobbling spring, spring with a vengeance, uber spring, spring in drag as summer. It’s bad, I know it is, and if we’re having July temperatures in May, I shudder to think what July temperatures will be like. Probably like July temperatures on Venus. And I won’t like that. Lord no, I won’t.

    But the world is full of green and growing things right now, and baby things, and it’s very, very pretty. Very very.

    a nights reprieve james benjamin franklin 2009
    A Night's Reprieve II, 2009, by James Benjamin Franklin
    Passage, 2007, by Cornelia Konrads
    takashi hara
    Sculpture by Takashi Hara
    Harvest by Asif Khan (chair), via dezeen
    Chair from the Harvest series by Asif Khan.
    Via Dezeen
    lives of grass mathilde roussel
    From the lives of grass project by Mathilde Roussel
    'waving grass' by staal christensen image courtesy staal christensen via designboom2
    Waving grass by Staal Christensen.
    Via designboom
    From Printemps de Septembre
    Image from the Hamsterwheel exhibition, 2007.
    Via art limited
    Product of Eden (Rose Baby) by Mary Catherine Newcomb
    Rose baby from the Product of Eden series by Mary Catherine Newcomb
    Whatever Is Practical, 2007 james benjamin franklin
    yohji yamamoto spring 2011
    Suit by Yohji Yamamoto, Spring 2011
    15-Six-of-the-frowzy-headed-Fishers-in-a-pose_via 50watts
    Six of the frowzy-headed Fishers in a pose, 1901, by William Lovell Finley.
    Via OSU Special Collections & Archives' photostream on Flickr
    root dress barb hunt 1994
    Root Dress, 1994, from the Steel Dresses series by Barb Hunt
    landscape i jesse bromm
    Landscape I by Jesse Bromm
    Cal_Whitman winged 2_opt
    Winged Walt Whitman, from the In Paths Untrodden: Walt Whitman's Calamus Poems and the Radical Faeries exhibit, 2011, at the San Francisco Public Library
    garden bento via ffffound
    Designer Garth Britzman uses recycled bottles filled with colored water to create a shade canopy for a vehicle.
    Via Colossal
    grass by micah lidberg
    Grass, detail of a pattern celebrating the beauty of the wetlands, created by Micah Lidberg
    Mangrove by Helen Clare
    Mangrovel by Helen Clare.
    Via Warringah Printmakers Studio
    From Bloom, an installation of 28,000 potted flowers at the derelict Massachusetts Mental Health Center, by Anna Schuleit.
    Via Colossal
    painting by wolfgang hutter
    Painting by Wofgang Hutter
    Plate from Henry Seebohm's Coloured Figures of the Eggs of British Birds, printed by Pawson & Brailsford, Sheffield, England, 1896.
    Via Letterology
    grow anna garforth
    grass carpet via juxtapoz
    Grass carpret installed in Jaujac, France by artist Gaelle Villedary.
    Via Juxtapoz
    where the green grass grows by hyock kwon, via hyock
    Where the green grass grows, student project by Hyock Kwon.
    Via designboom
    Gina Westergard, Eclipse (Funerary Urn) 2005 via curated object
    Eclipse (Funerary Urn), 2005, by Gina Westergard.
    Via The Curated Object
    Topia chairs by Barbara Gallucci, 2008
    Topia chairs by Barbara Gallucci
    fake nature via camilla engman's photostream
    Grass carpret installed in Jaujac, France by artist Gaelle Villedary.
    Via Juxtapoz
    BLOOM 2-by-Anna-Schuleit-Tiny-Office-with-Tulips
    From Bloom, an installation of 28,000 potted flowers at the derelict Massachusetts Mental Health Center, by Anna Schuleit.
    Via Colossal
    vine cellphone charger' cable by shunsuke umiyama of microworks, via designboom
    Vine cellphone charger by Shunsuke Umiyama.
    Via Spoon & Tamago
    Ring on hill, 2007, Sebastian Buescher
    Ring by Sebastian Buescher
    Wollemi, Living Fossil by Helen Clare
    Wollemi, Living Fossil by Helen Clare.
    Via Warringah Printmakers Studio
    Growing Product of Eden figures, Mary Catherine Newcomb, via www.newcombalia.ca
    Growing figures for the Product of Eden series by Mary Catherine Newcomb
    moss by Elly Wall
    Lichen for your wall 2 by Ottoman (Etsy)
    Lichen for your wall by Ottoman on Etsy
    Gather, Square Moss Ring by AdornJewelry (Etsy)
    Gather, square moss ring, by AdjornJewelry on Etsy
    cactus no 47, 2010 ©lee kwang-ho, courtesy kukje gallery via designboom
    Cactus No. 47, 2010, by Lee Kwang-Ho.
    Via the Kukje Gallery
    Ohne Titel (Boenplatten 1) by Andreas Gefeller
    Ohne Titel (Bodenplatten 1), 2004, by Andreas Gefeller
    1 Comment

    What beautiful cuolors, and perfect for the season! Seeing all these pieces put an instant smile on my face. Now if you could only capture the easter bunny bouncing around in the background hiding chocolate eggs and nibbling on carrots…

    Andrew added these words on Jun 21 12 at 9:20 pm

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