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    A is for aggregation: metal (not so heavy)

    There’s something very appealing about metal that’s handled in such a way that it looks delicate, fragile, or ethereal.

    I like it when my assumptions get yanked out from under me, at least when it comes to art and makey stuff, so I like that the weight of metal can be denied, at least perceptually, by how it’s treated. That’s in part because I so often like the end result, the three-dimensional object, but it’s also because I relish the dashing of expectation.

    The unbearable lightness of metal — it’s a good trick. I like it. I hope you do too.

    Festival crown, 20th century, Miao people, Southeast Guizhou province, China
    Via The Curated Object
    Sculptor Cal Lane at work, via callane.com
    Sculptor Cal Lane at work
    Via Cal Lane
    Ironwork by Samuel Yellin
    Shovels, detail, by Cal Lane, 2006
    Shovels, detail, by Cal Lane, 2006
    Via Cal Lane
    Paco Rabanne dress
    Donyale Luna in a dress by Paco Rabanne, 1966
    Photograph by Richard Avedon
    Cement Mixer, 2007, Wim Delvoye
    Cement Mixer by Wim Delvoye, 2007
    Via Galerie Emmanuel Perrotin
    Artwork by Haley Renee Bates
    Artwork by Haley Renee Bates
    Via TelegraphArt's photostream on flickr
    Maelstrom by Roxy Paine, via dailyserving
    Maelstrom by Roxy Paine
    Via Daily Serving
    Folding crown Tillya Tepe Tomb VI
    Folding crown, 1st century A.D. Afghanistan, Tillya Tepe, tomb VI, National Museum of Afghanistan, Kabul, 04.40.50 Photo: © Thierry Ollivier / Musée Guimet
    Via Metropolitan Museum of Art
    Lead Weave 2 Sue Lawty
    Lead Weave 2 by Sue Lawty
    Via Sue Lawty at the V&A
    Armour vest of caribou skin covered with Chinese coins
    Armour vest of caribou skin covered with Chinese coins, Tlingit, Northwest coast
    Via trailtribes.org
    Wheelbarrow by Cal Lane, via www.mala.ca
    Wheelbarrow by Cal Lane
    Via mala.ca
    Silver and diamond earrings by Darcy Miro
    Silver and diamond earrings by Darcy Miro
    Via danugs.blogspot.com
    Ciment Truck (Scale Model)" 2008 1
    Cement Truck (Scale Model) by Wim Delvoye, 2008
    Via Galerie Emmanuel Perrotin
    Volkswagen Beetle (2) by Vrbanus
    Volkswagen Beetle by Vrbanus
    Via Vrbanus
    Ring Corsage-Memory breathes by Sharon Portelance
    Ring Corsage: Memory Breathes by Sharon Portelance, 2003
    Photo by Robert Diamante
    Via Ganoksin
    3 Shovels, 2006
    3 Shovels, detail, by Cal Lane, 2006
    Via Cal Lane

    That 1st cen Afghan crown is something else. I would like to point out that it is beautifully lit as well.

    Sue added these words on Sep 25 09 at 10:07 am

    in art like this, I really do appreciate the skill and patience required to create such things. Part of the reason why I am not a fan of artists such as jackson pollock (or that guy that litterally shot paint out of his ass onto canvas) is that it takes no skill, no craftsmanship, no discipline. That wheelbarrow kills me, too. Rad.

    Kim added these words on Sep 25 09 at 10:32 am

    Cal Lane is one of my favourite artists, Kim. I really really love her work. It’s so insane and surreal. I’m also delighted by the fact that she’s a woman who wields a welding torch. You don’t see that too often. I’ve read some of her thoughts on that matter, and they’re pretty interesting.

    And I agree about the Afghan crown, Sue. What a dreamworld object. And gorgeously lit and shot, for sure.

    Katy added these words on Sep 25 09 at 11:38 am

    i totally want to hang those wrought iron birds in my livingroom. like, right this minute. i would drive home in that VW… except i imagine the weight of the car must put its top speed somewhere in the 40s… as opposed to the mid-50s, like a regular beetle, bahaa.

    rache added these words on Sep 25 09 at 12:54 pm

    somehow i forgot to mention how much i love the shovels, and how much it makes me laugh to think of trying to dig a hole with one of them.

    rache added these words on Sep 25 09 at 4:06 pm

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