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    Don’t fence me in

    It’s still in my head, the image from a lot of years ago, the image that came to me one day when I was sad and angry and roiled with all the awfulness of what had happened, when my worklife had become void, when the job I loved had been lost to me by bad behaviour not my own. Smashworld came and I fell down until the moment I got up and thought to make my own way, which I did and am doing and will do.

    But for a person like me, a person with chaosing whirlybrain and an impedimentary reticence to believe that what I make has validity, it takes a long time to get on with it — with a whole variety of “it”s, actually, including the rendering real of what came to me in that flashing spark of moment. It’s still not made, the three-dimensional object that needs to be made from that imageflash day, which is sad, but other things are made, so okay, sometimes (all times?) life unfolds as it should, as it will, as it must, on a schedule that doesn’t always jump, jive, or wail with the schedules we set.

    In all the years since that image first showed itself to me, I have fought stupidly with myself, have tried to govern my fear of putting what I make out there instead of being governed by it. Last month, I put on a drysuit, way up in the top part of the world, way up in Iceland. I put on a drysuit and lay myself down in the glacial meltwater running deep through the fissure — the Silfra fissure — that is opened up between the rocky plates of North America and Europe.

    From the moment I read about Silfra, I wanted to go there, to learn that cold miracle, to make my way through the perfect clarity of that water and the towering chaos of the tumbled rock below its surface, to be and see where two realities collide. The thought of it became incandescent in my brain, a glowed and constant illumination, partly because of how much I love north and partly because of how much I love water, but mostly because I was so goosebumped and shivered by the notion of border-blur and boundary-breach. There in that place, would I swim through the waters of North America or the waters of Europe? Yes. Both. All. Each.

    The image I carry with me is not water-related, nor geologic. But it connects to Silfra because it is entirely about this beautiful truth: the boundary is a pragmatic necessity; the boundary-breach is an imaginative one. Rules are made to be broken. Fences are built to be climbed. It is good sometimes to be contained; even more, tho’, it is an act of celebration and a seeking out of insight, to push past, to crawl under, or climb over, to burst forth through the constraining embrace.

    Bodies in Urban Spaces series by Will Dorner, via acidolatte
    From the Bodies in Urban Spaces series by Willi Dorner
    One another by stephanie chabot
    Detail from One Another, One Another, 2011, in situ intervention for the vitrine of YYZ Artist Outlet, by Stéphanie Chabot
    Stockholm supermarket by Nille Svensson
    Floor tiles in a Stockholm supermarket by Nille Svensson.
    Via we-make-money-not-art.com
    Super egg mini by Yuki Matsueda, 2007
    Super egg mini, 2007, by Yuki Matsueda
    artwork by zoe williams lg
    From the Genesis/Deconstruction series, 2009, by Zoe Williams
    beginning to macrame lizz aston
    Beginning to Macrame, detail, 2011, by Lizz Aston
    Image provenance unknown.
    Work by Maarten De Ceulaer via thingsorganizedneatly
    From the series A Pile of Suitcases by Maarten De Ceulaer
    via lolitas.se
    Image via Lolita
    via page 36 of my tumblr
    Image provenance unknown.
    Chapters hoarding by Alan Goulbourne
    Chapter hoarding by Alan Goulbourne
    Phrenological diagram by Jiří Šalamoun via hilobrow
    Phrenological diagram by Jiří Šalamoun.
    Via 50 Watts
    travelling library via letterology
    Miniature model of a traveling library.
    Via Letterology
    Two different actinomycetes via imawoman.tumblr
    Installation for the One Floor Up More Highly exhibition, MASS MOcA, Dec. 22, 2010 to Oct. 31, 2011, by Katharina Grosse
    twelve ladders,or, how i planned my escape by matthew northridge
    Twelve Ladders, or, How I Planned My Escape, 2009, by Matthew Northridge
    vw ad via gadgetspage.com
    Vintage Volkswagen bus ad.
    Via Gadgets Page
    Trees cocooned in spiders webs, an unexpected side effect of the
    Trees shrouded in spider webs, Pakistan, 2010.
    Via National Geographic
    pomegrante ramadan boston.com bigpicture
    An Indian Muslim vendor separates the seeds of a pomegranate at a roadside stall in preparation for Muslims breaking their fast at sundown in Mumbai, India on August 19, 2010.
    Photograph by Sajjad Hussain/AFP.
    Via The Big Picture
    Live Current Vol. 02 CD via studio on fire
    CD cover, Live Current, Vol. 02, Minnesota Public Radio. Design by Studio On Fire
    Traffic Jam for Berlin, 2008 via braddowney
    Traffic Jam for Berlin, 2008, by Brad Downey.
    Via designboom
    Evacuate, 2010 Photo- Jonty Wilde art by Kate McGwire
    Evacuate, 2010, by Kate McGwire
    The_Pink_One by Markus Hofer via yatzer
    The Pink One, 2008, by Markus Hofer
    Screen shot 2011-08-31 at 9.04.30 AM
    Image provenance unknown.
    Our Language by Simeon Potter designed by Romek Marber, via CRblog
    Cover design of Simeon Potter's Our Language by Romek Marber.
    Via Creative Review blog
    Failed dawn, 2008, by Oscar Santillan
    odolphe A. Reiss, False bomb found in front of the Banque Cantonale Vaudoise, Lausanne, January 15, 1905. via artlife.blogspot
    False bomb found in front of the Banque Cantonale Vaudoise, Lausanne, January 15, 1905.
    Photo by Rodolphe A. Reiss.
    Via The Art Life
    matthieu lavanchy
    From the series Les Sentiments Positivés by Matthieu Lavanchy
    la clef sheila hicks
    La Clef, 1988, by Sheila Hicks
    into the fray by john ross via creative review
    Into the Fray, 2011, by John Ross.
    Via Creative Review blog
    All in a Row (6) by Catherine Widgery, 1999, via www.widgery.com
    All in a Row (6), 1999, by Catherine Widgery
    Day 4, 100 Days in Glacier National Park by Christ Peterson, via bigpicture
    Day 11, from the 100 Straight Days in Glacier National Park project, 2009, by Chris Peterson
    topography card via crafterall's etsy
    Topography note cards via Crafterall on Etsy

    Dig it. I would be nothing without the times when my entire world exploded. I also wouldn’t be everything I am if I’d done what was expected.

    Kim added these words on Apr 18 12 at 9:47 pm

    If the spirit ever moves you to materialize that flashbomb image, I’d like to see it, unless it’s something too personal to share. I enjoyed reading about all these things. And what a fantastical place is Silfra? First I’ve ever heard of it. I’m totally fascinated by topographic maps, I can just pore over them, so I’m coveting that note card over there.

    Steve-oh added these words on May 01 12 at 3:53 pm

    Silfra is magic. Powerful, powerful magic. I cannot recommend swimming through that water highly enough. If you ever have the chance or the inclination to go far, far north in the world, go there, for real.

    And never you fear, Steve, I will share the image, when it finally gets made. Hellz to the yeah I will.

    admin added these words on May 01 12 at 4:16 pm

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