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    Begin and rebegin

    Tomorrow I go for thyroid surgery. The surgeon will glide her knife across my throat, press the edge into the troubling flesh, open me up, and remove the right lobe of my thyroid, that worrisome shit-disturber.

    There is trepidation on my part, of course, but I’m also kind of shivered by the symbolism. Tomorrow the silencing obstruction will be severed and sundered, taken out of and away from my body. This is an event to be welcomed and celebrated, this is a moving away from impediment.

    Woman in Black and White, street art in downtown LA, by Maharo, via The Dirt Floor
    mark miller neck brace via fubiz
    Neck Brace by Mark Miller, via fubiz
    thyroid_drawing via university of connecticut health center
    Jason_Mowry_Song 1 via
    I Have a Song from the Human Anatomy series by Jason Mowry on Behance
    completion thyroidectomy by Katherine Arisumi on behance
    From the Completion Thyroidectomy series by Katherine Arisumi on Behance
    completion thyroidectomy 2 by Katherine Arisumi
    From the Completion Thyroidectomy series by Katherine Arisumi on Behance
    vintage thyroid illustration on flickr
    Vintage thyroid illustration via VintageMedStock.com's photostream on Flickr
    Knitted throat by Ben Cuevas, via Craftzine
    bad thyroid by cristy davies
    Bad thyroid by Cristy Davies, via Lots of Neat Stuff
    illustration by janis dougherty on flickr
    Thyroid by Janis Dougherty
    Throat_Tim_Ripper street anat
    Throat illustration by Tim Ripper, via Street Anatomy
    Polyptych of the Misericordia, by Piero della Francesca detail
    Resurrectionself-portrait, detail, circa 1460, by Piero della Francesca
    Computer_art_of_thyroid_gland_on_windpipe-via sciencephoto
    Thyroid gland on windpipe, computer art, via Science Photo Library
    thyroid polaroid via outsider.tumblr
    Thyroid Polaroid, via Outsider on tumblr
    23Skidoo lou beach
    23 Skidoo by Lou Beach
    1 Comment

    That orange picture of the woman(?) with the goiter reminded me of something I had forgotten. My mother had a goiter just as large, but on the base of the front of her neck. She was always self-conscious about it, but I didn’t “see” it, the way one becomes blind to something that is an every day part of your life. She wore light scarves mostly all the time, to conceal it, or attempt to. I don’t know why surgery wasn’t an option.

    Anyway, thanks for the memory…

    francine added these words on Aug 03 12 at 1:03 pm

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