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    Mermaid aspirations

    When the big tree came down, I lost the sound of water.

    Before the big tree came down, when the wind pushed through its green leaves, it left behind the sound of water. And I could lie in my bed in a big city and hear lake and sea and a tail could grow on me all covered in scales and I could swim away through that cool surround, lost in lakeworld where sensation is soft and sound is muffled.

    But the big tree came down.

    sculpture by yoshimasa tsuchiya
    Mermaid sculpture by Yoshimasa Tsuchiya, 2009
    Playful Sedna by artist Kakulu Sagiatok via looknorthny
    Playful Sedna by Kakulu Sagiatok. Via Look North Inuit Art Gallery, 1986
    mermaid via visiolux.deviantart
    Cover of Kitan Club, August 1952. Via Adventures of the Blackgang
    Bambi The Mermaid looks across the hudson to the shores of Jersey city via mermaidsofnewyork
    Bambi the Mermaid looks across the Hudson to the shores of Jersey City. Via Mermaids of New York
    guyletatooer-from the tattoo arm exhibition via inkbutter
    From the Tattoo Arm Exhibition by Guy le Tatooer. Via Ink Butter
    girl from atlantis vogue nippon via theeleventeenth.blogspot
    Girl from Atlantis from a photo series that appeared in Vogue Nippon, May 2010. Via Voyons Voir
    via daniel-geo-fuchs
    Image from the Conserving series by Daniel & Geo Fuchs
    Anatomy of a Mermaid Image by Walmor Corrêa via howtobearetronaut
    Anatomy of a Mermaid by Walmor Corrêa. Via How to be a Retronaut
    Mermaid by Christina Bothwell
    mermaid tattoo via pinterest
    Mermaid tattoo. Image provenance unknown.
    via tumblr
    Image via tumblr.
    IFellintoaDream by Christina bothwell
    I Fell Into a Dream by Christina Bothwell
    godofchange 2011 by kate macdowell
    the god of change by Kate MacDowell, 2011
    mermaid image provenance unknown
    Image provenance unknown.
    Regien art by Hahn 1923 via adventures of the blackgang.tumblr
    Reigen by Hahn, 1923. Via Adventures of the Blackgang
    Enoki Toshiyuki octopus
    Image by Enoki Toshiyuki. Image provenance unknown.
    From The Adventures of Bob Hope via cartoonsnap.blogspot
    From The Adventures of Bob Hope by Owen Fitzgerald, Issue #20, April/May 1953.via Cartoon SNAP
    polish matchbox art via  maraid's photostream
    Polish matchbox, via maraid's photostream on flickr
    Painting by Lina Stigsson
    Painting by Lina Stigsson
    via smallpiecesofmymind.tumblr
    mcqueen fall 2009 rtw mermaid gown via coolspotters
    Mermaid gown by Alexander McQueen, Fall 2009 ready-to-wear.
    Image provenance unknown.
    The "Belle" at Scarborough Lighthouse, North Yorkshire, UK, 2007 via Wikimedia
    The "Belle" at Scarborough Lighthouse, North Yorkshire, UK, 2007. Via Wikimedia
    mermaid via pinterest
    Image provenance unknown.
    mermaid parade poster via citizenarcane
    Mermaid Parade poster, via Citizen Arcane
    illustration by ONEQ via sweet-station
    Illustration by ONEQ, via Sweet Station
    william stout mermaid via Pat Siren's photostream
    Mermaid by William Stout. Via Pat Siren's photostream on flickr
    fish-tail 2010 by Fereshteh Alamshah via weadartists
    Fish-tail by Fereshteh Alamshah, 2010. Via wead: Women Environmental Artists Directory
    Cruises poster, July 1933. Via Adventures of the Blackgang
    skin diver suite via dinosaurgardens
    Skin Diver Suite by Leo Diamond. Via Dinosaur Gardens

    I love the anatomical drawing. The tattooed arm in a case freaks me out. It’s such an interesting image, the mermaid. Chaste yet erotic.

    Kim added these words on Aug 28 11 at 1:42 pm

    This is a fantastic collection. I loved every one of them. Some of them creeped me out, but in a good way.

    Kathy added these words on Aug 28 11 at 2:13 pm

    love love love it all and it’s especially pleasant viewing it with the (slightly) torrential rain falling outside my sis-in-law’s home…I can feel my toes a-webbing….

    Shyana added these words on Aug 28 11 at 3:21 pm

    I love every one of these. Thank you for the collection and good luck with your publishing project.

    Erella added these words on Aug 31 11 at 11:48 pm

    My obsession is the reverse mermaid who has the body of a woman but the head of a fish. There are many images and songs about the creature.

    Diane Deverell Rafferty added these words on Oct 16 12 at 7:47 pm

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