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    I would be brief

    I would be brief on the day I didn’t have a lot to say or, really, had a lot to say but wanted to make the thoughts in my head all compact the way a wintertime child can take a puff of snow and squeeze it into a ball of ice, to make it all hard and small.

    I would have beautiful languages in my head — would and do; I do, yes. But also sometimes there can be things I might say but I don’t say because saying them would be dangerous or bad or make my eyes all prickled with tears. So what happens with those words, when they stay only in the meat of my brain and never go in the world at all? It’s really a good question.

    W.S. Merwin

    Certain words now in our knowledge we will not use again, and we will never forget them. We need them. Like the back of the picture. Like our marrow, and the color in our veins. We shine the lantern of our sleep on them, to make sure, and there they are, trembling already for the day of witness. They will be buried with us, and rise with the rest.

    Street art on Gladstone Avenue, June 2011
    Photo by Katy McDevitt
    Street art on Gladstone Avenue, June 2011
    Photo by Katy McDevitt
    all the words, March 2011
    Photo by Katy McDevitt
    Evolve, June 2011, street art in east end Toronto
    Photo by Katy McDevitt
    The spine and the And so o joy on my bedroom wall, April 2011
    Photo by Katy McDevitt
    when you dream a typewriter, it looks like this
    Photo by Katy McDevitt
    Hand-lettered in the east end, Toronto, June 2011
    Photo by Katy McDevitt
    Street art on Havelock Street, June 2011
    Photo by Katy McDevitt
    i have typewriter love feelings
    Photo by Katy McDevitt
    Denial in the neighbourhood, corner of Rusholme Road and Dundas Street West, Toronto, May 2011
    Photo by Katy McDevitt
    The O JOY before the colour came, 3 June 2011.
    Tattoo dreamed up by my brain and rendered real by the hand of Glennie Whittall of Pearl Harbor Gift Shop
    Photo by James Cook
    The WHY on Havelock Street
    Photo by Katy McDevitt
    ampersand & typewriter
    ampersand & typewriter
    Photo by Katy McDevitt
    Concrete forms on St. Anne's Road, Toronto, June 2011
    Photo by Katy McDevitt
    1 Comment

    Love that EVOLVE graffiti

    also- vintage gasoline pumps and pithy geopolitical commentary is the intersection of two favorite things.

    Steve Allen added these words on Jul 02 11 at 8:35 am