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    Cold house

    If tomorrow I were to walk away to some other place, go live in a where that is not this where, the place I would go would have lots of snow and the house I would live in would be made of cold, a house of snow — or of-snow-adjacent.

    When the days are cold and filled with snow, daydreams are lovely to have, they are, altho’ perhaps its peculiar to dream about an iteration of what I already have. But there is a strange and compelling pull to a familiar that is skewed, a bit un-, and a deep mad pull to landscapes and terrains that are what I know, but not entirely.

    Home and not-home … that is an odd and goosebump-making reality. I remember sitting with Nina, backs against the little lighthouse on Abelvær, looking out over the Norwegian sea on a windy day. It was July but quite cold, since we were only a few hours south of the Arctic circle. The rocky archipelago and the vigorous whitecaps felt very familiar but the screamy seabirds were creatures I’d never seen before and the little flowers on the ground were something new too and it was pretty romantic  to feel pulled to that landscape and also unstitched by it. And I do like my life to feel romantic, which is not so often possible in the here-and-now as a middle-aged lady with two kids, and two cats, and a husband, and a mortgage.

    I cried for a long time, sitting there, all pulled-apart and connected. Funny old world. Funny how there are no rules to attraction … we’re just compelled by what we’re compelled by. Later, Nina cooked me a dinner of reindeer and juniper berries in a port wine sauce and we ate it late in the evening, looking out her kitchen window at the sea in the bright midnight sunny night. It was spectacular.

    North is my favourite point on the compass and always will be. I feel North in my body, like love, and dream it, day and night.

    Squeeeeque: Speakerbox Igloo, Berlin installation, by Alexis O’Hara:

    Global Warming Igloo  At the Art Shanty's at Medicine Lake via Amy Art's photostream
    Global Warming Igloo, Medicine Lake, Minneapolis, MN, as part of The Art Shanty Project
    Via AmyObscura on deviantart
    Piero Gilardi « Igloo », 1964 Mousse de polyuréthane et matériaux synthétiques; 200 x 200 x 120 cm Courtesy Semiose galerie, Paris Photo - P.A. Marass, via grand-hotel-tours
    Igloo by PIero Gilardi, 1964
    Via Grand Hôtel de Tours
    El Igloo by Yuri Moreno via arteneoartcuba
    El igloo by Yuri Moreno, 1999
    Via Ateneo Art Cuba
    Northern Lights in Churchill, Manitoba, Canada via pixdaus
    Northern Lights in Churchill, Manitoba by Linda Drake
    Via pixdaus
    igloo cathedral via trekearth
    St. Jude Anglican cathedral, Iqaluit, Nunavut, Canada, built in 1971
    Via TrekEarth
    Image via kf3.tumblr
    Image via Kenner the Kid
    Yoko Ono & Arata Isozaki Penal Colony Realization image 2004 Photo- Ville Kostamoinen
    Penal Colony by Yoko Ono and Arata Isozaki, 2004
    Via The Snow Show
    Brian-Jungen---Bush-Capsule-2000 via functionafate
    Bush Capsule by Brian Jungen, 2000
    Via Catriona Jeffries
    Igloo ad campaign by Hermes via fubiz
    "Igloo" ad by Hermès
    Via Fubiz
    rice igloo via bonheursdeprawn
    Rice igloo, via Les Bonheurs de Prawn
    New-Outdoor-Furniture-Igloo by Roberti Rattan via archithings
    Igloo, outdoor furniture by Roberti Rattan
    Via ArchiThings
    Leonards Igloo salvation mountain Valeri3408's photostream
    Leonard's Igloo from the Salton Sea series
    Via Valeri3408's photostream on Flickr
    Nordpark Cable Railway, Austria, designed by Zaha Hadid
    Nordpark Cable Railway, Austria, designed by Zaha Hadid
    Via io9
    Work by Jeannie Thib for Ice Follies 2008, North Bay, ON via Ice Follies' photostresam photo by L. Lott
    Work by Jeannie Thib, presented at Ice Follies 2008, North Bay, ON
    Via Ice Follies' photostream on Flickr
    Photo by L. Lott
    Parabolic Half donut by Tadao Ando in Rovaniemi, Snow Show 2004 via felipeb's photostream
    Parabolic half-donut by Tadao Ando for The Snow Show 2004
    Via filipeb's photostream on Flickr
    The Walking Igloo, The Architectural Forum, April 1968 via
    The Walking Igloo, The Architectural Forum, April 1968
    Glass-fibre igloo designed by Architects Cohos, DeLesalle & Evamy of Calgary, Alberta
    Via Headband Press
    The River Bride by Nicole Dextras via ranger gord's photostream
    Igloo dress from The River Bride by Nicole Dextras
    Via Ranger Gord's photostream on Flickr
    Scooby-doo igloo from McDonald's
    Via starbucksandkisses
    detail penal colony via thesnowshow
    Detail, Penal Colony by Yoko Ono and Arata Isozaki, 2004
    Via The Snow Show
    hoto fudo by takeshi hosaka architects
    Oulanka Natl Park by Peter Essick via NatGeo
    Oulanka National Park, Finland by Peter Essick
    Via National Geographic
    nord detail of mario merz's igloo fountain via pietroizzo's photostream
    nord, detail of Mario Merz's igloo fountain in Torino, Italy
    Via pietroizzo's photostream on Flickr
    igloo via pshab's photostream
    Painted street art igloo, Bristol, UK
    Via pshab's photostream on Flickr
    Lemonade igloo 2007 Scarlett Hooft Graafland via artslant
    Lemonade Igloo from the Igloolik series by Scarlett Hooft Graafland, 2007
    igloo lucie 2
    IceQueenGlacialRetreatDressTent by Cara Spooner, Robin Lasser, and Adrienne Pao via torontoist
    Ice Queen: Glacial Retreat Dress Tentby Cara Spooner, Robin Lasser, and Adrienne Pao, 2009
    Via torontoist
    floe, from camp fimbulvinter - burning man festival 2007 via loupiote's photostream
    Floe from Camp Fimbulvinter, Burning Man Festival, 2007
    Via loupiote (Old Skool)'s photostream on Flickr
    Christmas dinner 1954
    Christmas dinner 1954
    No idea where this came from. It's delightfuly icky tho'.
    cat house - cardboard via Sharon Pazner's photostream
    art in the snow via cotitoo's photostream
    Image provenance unknown
    igloo en preparation via caminyx's photostream
    Igloo en préparation, via caminyx's photostream on Flickr
    Clara Bow christmas card
    Clara Bow Christmas card, 1920s
    Via A Polar Bear's Tale
    Whitepod low impact geodesic dome via cielbleu
    Whitepod low-impact geodesic dome, Les Cerniers, Switzerland
    Via cielbleu
    whitepod 2
    Whitepod low-impact geodesic dome, Les Cerniers, Switzerland
    Via cielbleu
    trash igloo by david hamlow for arts shanty projects 2006 image by emmet byrne via amazingdata
    Trash Igloo by David Hamlow for The Art Shanty Project, 2006
    Via Amazing Data
    Photo by Emmet Byrne
    The chapel at the ice hotel by karim sahai 2008
    The chapel at the ice hotel, Sweden by Karim Sahai, 2008
    Via PhotoShelter
    Styrofoam dome house via pinktentacle
    Styrofoam dome house, Kumamoto prefecture, Japan
    Via Pink Tentacle
    kvivik-igloo-kvivik-faroe-islands-via greendiary
    Kvivik igloo, Kvivik, Faroe Islands
    Via Greendiary
    Igloo style architecture
    Igloo building, Cantwell, Alaska
    Via Alaska in Pictures
    igloonator 2000 via artcar.blogspot
    Igloonator 2000, via Art Car
    Igloo via artcirq
    Igloo, via Art Cirq
    Igloo made of fridges by Ralf Schmerberg, via artdirectorwar
    Wastefulness is the biggest source of energy by Ralf Schmerberg
    Via CubeMe
    igloo architecure via jasonarias
    The igloo, via cbc.ca
    Photo Courtesy Nunavut Tourism
    Hotel & Igloo Village Kakslauttanen via hoteltraveler
    Kakslauttanen Hotel and Igloo Village, Finland
    Via Journey etc.
    Ice Cave, Palmer Station, Anvers Island, Antarctica by Zee Evans, Natl Sci Fdtn
    Ice cave, Palmer Station, Anvers Island, Antarctica by Zee Evans
    Via The Big Picture

    ohmagah, I could die.
    There’s too much good stuff to even comment on one thing…. ohmagah!

    Feather added these words on Feb 06 11 at 5:20 pm

    My sentiments exactly! I will say I’m nursing quite a love-on for Scarlett Hooft Graafland these days tho’.

    Katy added these words on Feb 06 11 at 5:26 pm

    The chapel at the ice hotel makes me want to go pray.

    Jackie added these words on Feb 06 11 at 6:51 pm

    these are spectacular images that articulate beautifully with what you write. But my favourite part of this is, and always will be, your writing itself.

    Lara added these words on Feb 06 11 at 8:33 pm


    Rivenrod added these words on May 05 11 at 12:29 pm