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    Spectrum brilliance

    I don’t know about your little piece of the planet but here where I am there’s been a lot of greyworld and I’m not really an appreciator of greyworld, unless it’s mitigated by storm. Which it hasn’t been, here and now. So what can be done? One can give in to the grey and be taken down by it — opt for bed or heavy drink for weeks on end, except those are roads to ruin and I prefer to remain unruined for just a little longer in life.

    I think in lieu of hibernation or hallucination, I’ll lob a colourbomb or two into the world. It isn’t much but it’s something. And something is sometimes enough.

    (Also, you should go listen to the Surf Champlers’ “Spectrum Brilliance”. It’s, er, brilliant. Not to mention spectrum-y. [And actually, most of this album is brilliant {altho' I could do without the James Bond theme}.])

    Sculpture made from recycled clothing by Guerra de la Paz
    Tribute by Guerra de la Paz, 2002
    Rainbow Felted Acorns via greenbaboondesigns
    Rainbow Felted Acorns via greenbaboondesigns' shop on Etsy
    plexus no. 3 by gabriel dawe 2010
    plexus no. 3 by Gabriel Dawe, 2010
    spagflation crew via
    Neon Rainbow via Lester Of Puppets' photostream
    Rainbow__by_bulleblue on deviantart
    color wheel via seanhabig's photostream
    skanska 01by Carl Kleiner
    Skanska 1 by Carl Kleiner
    From the Cordial Invitations series by Keetra Dean Dixon via fromkeetra
    Be Courageous and Vulnerable from the Cordial Invitations series by Keetra Dean Dixon
    Strange Weather Tom Burr, Felix Gonzalez-Torres, Philip Lai, Mike Nelson, Eva Rothschild, Ricky Swallow, Pae White 2004 via modernart.net
    Strange Weather by Tom Burr, Felix Gonzalez-Torres, Philip Lai, Mike Nelson, Eva Rothschild, Ricky Swallow, Pae White, 2004
    Via Modern Art
    thread, 2008 by joetta maue
    Thread by Joetta Maue, 2008
    screaming my hand, 2010 image © designboom.jpg by haroshi
    Screaming my hand by Haroshi, 2010
    Image © Designboom
    Balls Breathe boxer briefs via ruffeoheartslilsnoty's etsy
    balls breathe boxer briefs via ruffeoheartslilsnoty's shop on Etsy
    rainbow boots via esoule's photostream
    more_rainbow_cake_by_suki_mizu-d2znyky on deviantart
    More rainbow cake by suki-mizu on deviant art
    Painting by Peter Doig
    Painting of the rainbow tunnel on the DVP by Peter Doig
    Photograph by Magnus Anesund via soderbergangentur
    Photograph by Magnus Anesund
    Via Lolita
    Paint chips via thingsorganizedneatly.tumblr
    Paint chips, via Things Organized Neatly
    image via stumbleupon
    Image provenance unknown
    Image via hidden side's photostream
    autumn leaves via the-tallyho.blogspot
    Autumn Leaves, via via Things Organized Neatly
    Haunted House by Shannon Freshwater
    Haunted House by Shannon Freshwater
    Babe Rainbow'', 1968, by Peter Blake via liveauctioneers
    Babe Rainbow by Peter Blake, 1968
    Via liveauctioneers.com
    Arnaud Maggs Cercles chromatiques de M.E. Chevreul 2006 Courtesy Susan Hobbs Gallery via canadianart
    Cercles chromatiques de M.E. Chevreul by Arnaud Maggs, 2006
    Image via Susan Hobbs
    hanna conola and carl kleiner via lolita
    Image by Hanna Conola and Carl Kleiner
    Via Lolita" target="_blank">Lolita
    rainbow girl via ffffound
    Image via ffffound
    Tray of jasper trials, ca. 1773-76, Josiah Wedgwood via parenthetically.blogspot
    Tray of jasper trials, 1773
    Via The Wedgwood Museum
    pencil shelf by dominic wilcox
    Pencil shelf by Dominic Wilcox
    Dice rainbow via thingsorganizedneatly.tumblr
    Dice rainbow, via Things Organized Neatly
    spoons via lolitas.se
    Image via Lolita
    Black Diamonds by Shannon Freshwater
    Black Diamonds by Shannon Freshwater

    Thank you for this injection of colour! I live in the same greyworld as you, so much appreciated. All I have to say is this:


    and of course this:


    xo barbara

    Oh and PS: http://www.achimzeman.de/projects.php?projectID=1213&language=de&imgBig=1

    Barbara added these words on Dec 04 10 at 1:25 pm

    Lovely! I usually wear all black (or pretty close to), but what’s around me (and my skin, of course) is rainbow colors and brightly decorated. I can’t live in greyworld, in my house, or outside. Being in California, we’re never grey (sometimes brown, sometimes green, sometimes yellow, but never brown). One of the reasons I am fairly sure I’d never leave this state, especially to head up north, would be the color and the space that it is in. Long story short, come for a visit. Well, come for a visit after they stop molesting people at U.S. airports.

    Kim added these words on Dec 04 10 at 2:13 pm

    er, but never GREY, not but never brown. I’m horrible at going back and editing myself. Like I dog dropping a turd, when I write I don’t turn around and look, I just kick some grass over it and walk away like nothing happened.

    Kim added these words on Dec 04 10 at 2:15 pm

    this makes me want to color coordinate my life. or at least sort out my unpaired sock situation.

    ghadah added these words on Dec 04 10 at 11:04 pm

    I thoroughly, enjoyed this, it made my heart sing.

    Sage added these words on Dec 05 10 at 9:14 am

    Come on grey – stand up for yourself! You are soft and warm and whispery and enveloping and subtle and supple. All my colours want to live near you – you make them shine. For that, I can even forgive your slushy February alliances.

    donnabee added these words on Jan 14 11 at 1:55 pm

    You would love this – work by one of my advisors in Chicago: http://www.danprice.org/danprice.org/junk_rainbow.html

    'Feather added these words on Apr 13 11 at 11:51 pm