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    I may be a girl but trees give me wood

    I don’t know how it works, how to do the math, but it’s like every emotion I’ve ever felt somehow gets wrapped up in trees. Trees become some kind of conduit for thought and feeling, for understanding, for epiphany, for optimism, for love.

    Back before I broke myself, I used to run at night, sort of for the deep dark sky and sort for the silvery moon but really mostly for the night-time trees. I love them best, the night-time trees, but trees are always a win-win proposition and the delicious shiver I get from them transcends time and place.

    Tall Tree and the Eye by Anish Kapoor, 2009
    Photo Photo by Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images Europe
    Via Zimbio
    photo 1 by meghan handy
    Hidden Valley Park, Santa Rosa, CA by Meghan Handy, 2010
    photo 2 by meghan handy
    Gingko trees in the Mcdonald Mansion Historical neighborhood in Santa Rosa, CA by Meghan Handy, 2010
    Three Trees, 2006, Magdalena Bors
    Three Trees by Magdalena Bors, 2006
    man-made tree by shyana quasha martin via FB
    man-made tree, Kyoto, Japan, 2010, by squasha
    dzn_The-Tote-by-Serie-Architects-5 via dezeen
    The Tote by Serie Architects, banqueting hall in Mumbai, India
    Via Dezeen
    recyclingclothingart6-550x411by guerra de la paz, via fubiz.net
    Recycled clothing art by Guerra de la Paz
    neon tree, south bank, via Ferg's photostream
    Neon Tree, South Bank, 2008
    Via Ferg's photostream on Flickr
    neon tree via Mr Dalloway's photostream
    photo 3 by meghan handy
    Old Vine, Kenwood, CA by Meghan Handy, 2010
    Trees at twilight, kingston, 2008, whitefeather
    Trees at twilight, Kingston by WhiteFeather, 2008
    Art Tree, piece by Elicser, via madcruz's photostream
    Tree painted by Elicser, Queen Street West, Toronto
    Via madcruz's photostream on Flickr
    wtwta at-space1520-1, via kitsunenoir.com
    Where the Wild Things Are pop-up shop at Space 15 Twenty
    Via The Fox is Black
    sycamore in central park by me
    Sycamore in Central Park, NYC, June 2010 by Katy McDevitt
    Untitled, 2007 by Portia Hein
    Untitled by Portia Hein, 2007
    Image provenance unknown
    Triple Structure 2009 by Brooks Shane Salzwedel
    Triple Structure by Brooks Shane Salzwedel, 2009
    Pencil tree
    Via romp
    Bois et la lune bleue by Max Ernst © The Estate of Max Ernst. All rights reserved, DACS 2009, via crblog
    Bois et la lune bleue by Max Ernst © The Estate of Max Ernst. All rights reserved, DACS 2009
    Via Creative Review Blog
    prosthesis light by tomer sapir via dezeen
    Prosthesis light by Tomer Sapir
    Via Dezeen
    tree-dress-costume-s.jpg via artconstruct
    Tree dress costume for fashion shoot, made in starched muslin and acrylic pasteMinistry of Art Construction
    Tree distorted by raindrops by Clementine Oberst, July 2009
    Tree distorted by raindrops by Clementine Oberst, July 2009
    Tree of Intemperance by A.D. Fillmore, via tahg.org
    Tree of Intemperance by A.D. Fillmore, 1855
    Via HarpWeek
    tree by shelley niro via thenaica.org
    Tree by Shelley Niro, 2006
    Via NAICA
    Image by Tomas Sanchez Requero via haj718tumblr
    Image by Tomas Sanchez Requero
    Via Dark Silence in Suburbia
    THE OLD PINE AND FISHERMAN'S SKIFF -- A Hidden Spot Along the Coast of Old Japan  Ca.1880s.jpg via okinawa soba
    The old pine and fisherman's skiff, ca. 1880s, photographer unknown
    Via Okinawa Soba's photostream on Flickr
    springtime doll via stylehive
    Springtime doll
    Via Stylehive
    silent world by Michael Kenna ffffound
    Image from the Silent World series by Michael Kenna
    pollarded plane trees by angie lew, via allthingsconsidered
    Pollared plane trees by Angie Lewin
    Via All Things Considered
    magazine rack via estatestore
    Mid-century modern napkin holder
    Via The Estate Store Online
    Cycle of the Tree by Elsa Mora via elsita.typepad
    Cycle of the Tree by Elsa Mora
    maelstrom by roxy paine photo by c-m, via cmonster.net
    Maelstrom by Roxy Paine, 2009
    Photo by C-M
    Little Blue Tree, 2006 by Barry underwood, via skewgallery
    Little Blue Tree by Barry Underwood, 2006
    Via Skew Gallery
    life is but a dream, photo by AliciaBock (on Etsy)
    Life is but a dream by Alicia Bock
    Ivy-covered tree at Colinton (The Fairy Tree) via National Galleries of Scotland Commons' photostream on flickr
    Ivy-covered tree at Colinton, 'The Fairy Tree', by Robert Adamson and David Octavius Hill, 1843 - 1846
    Via National Galleries of Scotland Commons' photostream on Flickr
    image via tuttelecosebelle.tumblr
    image via tosspotmemoires.tumblr
    Gleaming Tree, Stev'nn Hall
    Gleaming Tree by Stev'nn Hall, 2008
    From the Popular Attractions series by Mike Sinclair (2)
    From the Popular Attractions series by Mike Sinclair
    From the City Beautiful series by Mike Sinclair
    From the City Beautiful series by Mike Sinclair
    felted trees via reyaveltman
    Felted trees by Reya Veltman
    conjoined by roxy paine via wikipedia
    Conjoined by Roxy Paine, 2007
    Via Renata3 on Wikipedia
    Bunny Blossom by Kozyndan
    Blue Tree by Stefan a Wengen, www.awengen.de
    Blue Tree by Stefan à Wengen
    Bedgebury Pinetum by Julia_Heathcote
    Bedgebury Pinetum by Julia Heathcote
    Artwork by Lola Bunting, via chelseadegreeshow.org
    Artwork by Lola Bunting
    Via Chelsea Degree Show
    Untitled, from Urban Nature 2008, by Naoko Ito, via naoko-ito
    Untitled by Naoko Ito, 2008
    Tintin and a fallen tree via vectis.co
    Tintin and a fallen tree, collectible
    Via Vectis Auctions Ltd

    Oh yeah! That BED!

    WhiteFeather added these words on Nov 23 10 at 4:49 pm

    brilliant selections, in which my steel pole silhouette is honored to be included. and to finish with Tintin et Milou? magnifique!

    Shyana added these words on Nov 23 10 at 7:38 pm

    Mmmmm! I love trees too. Last evening, I was driving east on Ventura Blvd in Encino and saw a group of trees in the distance, and it looked like a woman carrying a basket. As I got closer, the palm trees moved apart, and mophed into two, then the illusion was gone. It made me happy.

    As I was looking at the images you posted, I got excited when I saw the drawing by Brookes Shane Salzwedel. I attended the No Brow Group Show at the Black Maria Gallery in 2008 and his were my favorite pieces. The drawings were on layered vellum, some placed inside vintage ins, and covered with clear resin. So sublime that I think of them often!!

    Check out my friend’s wife’s art… http://www.jennybirdart.com/

    jaymaree added these words on Mar 05 11 at 10:18 pm