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    Gainsay the naysay

    Nothing makes me wanna go on a homicidal killing spree (as opposed to a homicidal puppy-patting spree) more than people lambasting someone for doing something new to them.

    Honestly, what’s the deal with people shitting on Kanye West for directing a film (or the model Selita Ebanks for acting in it)? I mean, sure bring a critical eye to bear on the made thing itself, but it’s bad for a musician to try his hand at another art form? Really? REALLY?? We should point and laugh at anyone with the audacity to pursue more than one of the multiplicitous possibilities for  joy and nourishment the world offers?  David Byrne shoulda just stayed in art school? Alice Munro shoulda just stayed barefoot and pregnant? Julian Schnabel shoulda never turned his hand to film-making? Because … why, exactly? Seriously: what’s the downside? As it turns out, Byrne is a genius pop musician and Munro a genius short-story writer and Schnabel a frickin’ kickass film director but even if they weren’t, why should it bother anyone that they tried? Life is for the living, right?  No shame in going balls-out towards adventure and creation. No brickbats from me, ever, whether you fail or succeed, only hosannas because what on earth is the point of being out here in the beautiful world if you don’t make an effort? The effort should be celebrated, even when the finished product can’t be. Should. And by me, is. Always.

    Talking Heads, “Don’t Fence Me In”:

    Kanye West, “Runaway”:

    the analog mountains via laser bread's photostream
    the analog mountains
    Via Laser Bread's photostream on flickr
    Picture 1
    Image credit: Participants building part of the set for The Sound of Music, 1971. Courtesy Banff Centre Archives.
    Stéphane Passet. Mongolian prisoner in a box, July 1913. Image courtesy of BBC. © Musée Albert Kahn
    Mongolian prisoner in a box, July 1913. Photograph by Stéphane Passet.
    Image courtesy of BBC. © Musée Albert Kahn
    Image via The Wonderful World of Albert Kahn
    popshot-the liberate issue
    linkPopshot Magazine: The Libertate Issue
    Mouth-covering neck corset by Breathcatchers
    Jana Sterbak, Remote Control II, 1989
    Remote Control II by Jana Sterbak, 1989
    Via Visual Media Center, Columbia University
    Harry Houdini ca 1899, via wikipedia
    Harry Houdini circa 1899
    Via Wikipedia
    trapped via djwwestwood's photostream
    Caricature from Punch, London, 1870
    Satirical image comparing the look of a woman wearing a bustle to that of a snail wearing a dress, from Punch, 1870
    Via Wikipedia
    Welding Antony Gormley's Habitat via designboom
    Welding Antony Gormley's Habitat
    Via designboom
    Via google
    Image provenance unknown.
    Macarong01 by Carl Kleiner
    Macarong by Carl Kleiner
    Image via Laser Bread's photostream
    Bunny noses via planBshop on Etsy
    Bird in a cage via Aleera*'s photostream
    1 Comment

    I kinda feel that using only kick-ass successful transfers as named examples weakens the point .
    let’s see those mediocre results that deserve as much acclaim for the mindful, or deluded, or joyful courage of doing?
    I’ve been going back to Lynda Barry these days, and she has a wonderful story in One Hundred Demons about losing the inborn dance groove when you realize you look spazzy. We turn that out to the world at large too.

    Donna added these words on Nov 10 10 at 10:10 am

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