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    The writing on the wall

    You know how much I love words and the physical act of writing, how much I love the graphemic grace of  the thing that is written? Yeah, you do. And you know how much I like holding a pencil in my hand and making marks on a paper with it — marks with meaning, I mean — and also how much I like reading a paper full of writing from someone else’s hand? Well, I like all that very much, you know I do, but I like something else too:

    I also like it when writing is bigger and bolder and publicker, like writing on a wall. I mean, I’d hate for you to think I’m a size queen but really, sometimes I’m a size queen. I’m happy to live in a world where there’s writing on walls  — writing to read that offers up bigness and crunch. Yes, I’m all kinds of  good with most of the word-painting and -making that shows up in a city — oh, all kinds of good.

    Why?, Havelock Street, Toronto, 2010
    Photograph by Katy McDevitt
    elbow-toe bust a nut 2010 via arthag
    Bust a nut by elbow-toe, 2010
    Via arthag
    If you were here I'd be home now via ffffound
    If you were here I'd be home now
    Via ffffound
    Marabou by carl kleiner
    Marabou by Carl Kleiner
    smile all you bastards by neale
    smile all you bastards, Toronto, 2010
    Photograph by Neale McDevitt
    Meat! by Neale McDevitt
    Meat, Toronto, 2010
    Photograph by Neale McDevitt
    happily by joetta maue 2008
    happily by Joetta Maue, 2008
    love on college street by neale
    LOVE on College Street, Toronto, 2010
    Photograph by Neale McDevitt
    slab via thecaptivatinggrin
    Salvation Mountain, Niland, California
    Via the captivating grin
    I Paid by Steve Powers via unurth
    I Paid the Light Bill Just to See Your Face, from the Love Letters to Syracuse project
    Via unurth
    Vietnam Veterans Memorial, Wasington, DC, via Igor Bg's photostream
    Vietnam Veterans Memorial
    Via Igor Bg's photostream on Flickr
    cash for your warhol geoff hargadon via brooklynstreet art
    Cash For Your Warhol by Geoff Hargadon, Miami, 2010
    Via Brooklyn Street Art
    Photo © Geoff Hargadon
    Untitled (2002), by Eva Schlegel  intervention, movement, narration, public sphere, train via vvork
    Untitled by Eva Schlegel, 2002
    Via VVORK
    I don't like via arthag
    I don't like to dream about getting paid by Patrick Martinez, 2010
    Via arthag
    alphabet via uppercasemagazine.tumblr.
    Farine 5 Roses
    Farine 5 Roses, Montreal, Quebec, by Kevin Cooley, 2005
    books! wzrdz! by neale
    books! wzdrz!
    Photograph by Neale McDevitt
    Fun House, detail from Songs That Got Stuck in My Head by Adrian Göllner, 2010
    Via Patrick Mikhail Gallery
    They are called omikuji via ailatan's photostream
    They are called omikuji
    Via ailatan's photostream on flickr
    The writing's on the wall via norwichrocks photostream
    The Writing's On the Wall
    Via norwichrocks' photostream on flickr
    fearmonger by me
    Fearmonger, Bowery and Spring, Soho, New York City, 2010
    Photograph by Katy McDevitt
    Taking Place by Roman Ondák, 2010
    Via Designboom
    Image © Designboom
    roman ondák’s temporal work in 'taking place' image © designboom
    Taking Place by Roman Ondák, 2010
    Via Designboom
    Image © Designboom
    prayer flags from the bridge, Thimphu, Thimphu, BT, via conci 3000's photostream
    Prayer flags, from the bridge, Thimphu, Thimphu, Bhutan, 2008
    Via conci 3000's photostream on flickr
    WS6 by Phil Grey
    Will Self's writing room
    Photograph by Phil Grey
    Via will-self.com
    The writing on the dining room wall, Trondheim, Norway, 2010
    Photograph by Nina Fjelnset
    Og likevel fortsetter vi, on Nina's dining room, Trondheim, Norway, 2008
    Photograph by Katy McDevitt
    Happiness is only two inches away, Trondheim, Norway, 2010
    Photograph by Nina Fjelnset
    Banksy on Melrose via TRUE 2 DEATH's photostream
    Honesty is the best poetry, Dundas Street West, Toronto, 2010
    Photograph by Katy McDevitt
    Image via ffffound
    Image via ffffound
    don't die wondering via ffffound
    Don't die wondering
    Via ffffound
    Poem at the kitchen wall via jasna.janekovic's photostream
    Poem at the kitchen wall
    Via jasna.janekovic's photostream on flickr
    interpretation by lili reynaud dewar 2010 via vvork
    Interpretation by Lili Reynaud Dewar, 2010
    Via VVORK
    Hell, Yes! by Ugo Rondinone, 2001
    Via yauhin1's photostream on flickr
    It's such a perfect day via decor8
    It's such a perfect day mural
    Via decor8
    laloli by claude closky 2010 via vvork
    >i>Laloli by Claude Closky, 2010
    Via VVVORK
    1 Comment

    when the Prof and I were in San Diego, our living room walls were covered, floor to ceiling, with white butcher paper and we kept small tins of crayons on every flat surface.

    everyone who visited left their favorite quotes, and we added clipping and postcards and interpretive doodles of music we were listening to at the time. the fortress has those stupid popcorn plaster walls which are such a poor writing surface, or else I would have hung paper long ago, I miss it so.

    Shyana added these words on Dec 14 10 at 11:18 am