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    You know what I love? I love “yes”. I love “yes” so much, and so hard, and  also its more boisterous adjutants “hell yes” and “fuck yes”.

    I don’t really know why people fear middle age, or dislike it. Middle age is the time you become yourself, or at least when you’re offered the greatest chance to become yourself. For most of us, our kids are grown-up or pretty grown-up, our bodies and minds are still strong and vital, and we’ve maybe, hopefully, learned a thing or two about the microcosm of self and the macrocosm of everything-else, so that the conditions of our lives conspire to a peeling away of the occlusion that protects but also smothers the sweet kernel of true self, that little wonderment that we sometimes hide or overlay with duty and expectation and fear.

    It took me a long time to be ready and able to write the way I write — I spent years in wildernesses of not-writing and kind-of-writing because I thought there was a way I was “supposed” to write — and that way wasn’t my way. I tried very hard to constrain my unrulyness, to be neat and tidy and rule-following when I wrote, tried very hard not to be too loopy or eccentric or idiosyncratic and so what I wrote was workmanlike, but not more, and about as satisfying to me as getting the laundry washed and folded and put away, which is to say: minimally.

    Nobody did this to me; I did it to myself; I wish I knew why. If I have one regret in my life it’s that I have taken so long to learn the lesson that it’s okay — way, way more than okay, actually — to be free enough to be the creature I am and to be free enough to invite all the “hell yes” I can into my life.

    "Hell, Yes!" by Ugo Rondinone, 2001, via yauhin1's photostream
    Hell, Yes! by Ugo Rondinone, 2001
    Via yauhin1's photostream on flickr
    yes please
    Via Hunson is Groovy
    Picture 1_via_ray_fenwicks_photostream
    Yes No Maybe pattern by Ray Fenwick
    Saut dans le vide, Yves Klein, 1960
    yes_morph_thank_you_picasso_via_Sharon Pazner's photostream
    yes - morph - thank you Picasso
    Via Sharon Pazner's photostream on flickr
    yes_via_litherland's photostream
    Oh Yes! Asparagus, label, c. 1940s
    Via BoxOfApples
    yes_please_print_via_pleasebestill's shop on etsy
    Yes, please print
    Via pleasebestill's shop on Etsy
    Yes_montreal_sign_via_diebmx's photostream (
    Yes, sign on the Montreal Main
    Via diebmx's photostream on flickr
    Yes is More exhibition poster
    Via e-architect
    YES, blueberry pie, Tucker Nichols with Jon Nichols, 2005
    Image provenance unknown.
    yes via ohbara's photostream
    yes cake via Like_the_Grand_Canyon's photostream
    thumbs up via invisibleElement's photostream
    Thumbs up image, provenance unknown.
    YES YES YES Tantalizing Lip Butter by The Body Shop
    Via I'm a Beauty Geek
    decision shopper tote bag via MrPS' shop on etsy
    in/decision shopper tote bag
    Via MrPS' shop on Etsy
    I love chicken legs, 2006, by Natalie Dee
    Hell, Yes! by Ugo Rondinone, 2001
    Via suggested donation
    Hell Yes by Helen Garcia
    Via pinkghost
    Fuck_yes_cupcakes_via_jsr.spathi's photostream
    Image via CBC Radio 3

    I don’t think you should regret the length of time it took for you to come that particular insight. Many people never get there at all. So rejoice in it – I know I do. The corollary to Hell Yes, is Fuck No, which is giving yourself permission to do what you want and say no to what others want you to do.

    Kelly added these words on Aug 27 10 at 4:17 pm

    You will like Yesway: http://billymavreas.blogspot.com/ and its author, my friend Billy.

    Howbody added these words on Oct 06 10 at 2:19 pm