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    Once I woke up with the words “your fried arm” stuck in my brain so I looked up how to say “I love you” in as many languages as possible, to make myself feel better. It worked, too.

    And the lesson learned? That the antidote is love. It has to be, right? Say it, don’t spray it.

    I keep careless careful track of all the weird dreamy image and language stuff that pops into my head. I have ten jillion notes on my iPhone and two hundred jillion on tiny rippy bits of paper scattered throughout about a hundred paper journals that I obsessively start but never finish and also generally sown around my bedroom, especially thick-laid on the headboard of my bed. If I close the door to my bedroom too quickly, a blizzard of snippety paper slips whooshes up and down and all around in a whirlygig assault of disconnected thought bits. Which is essentially a three-dimensional rendering of how it is in my brain, come to think of it.

    Anyway, I’ve been doing all this fucking crazy writing lately, just opening myself up to making a noise, and this river of poetry has rushed out of me. I kind of feel like I’ve been fighting it for a long time, the river of poetry, knowing it was there but trying to ignore it because it felt too scary to let it exist. I’ve really kind of muzzled myself, in my life, for all sorts of reasons, and this thyroid thing has actually been incredibly useful, for true, in terms of deciding not to obstruct myself any more. The ailment became the prescription. Crazy, innit?

    I’ve got adventures to go on, you know. And I’m going. Now and forever.

    willy van rooy photographed by helmut newton, 1967
    Willy van Rooy photographed by Helmut Newton for Vogue, 1967
    telephone directory for D.S. Scott and Reitmier drivers. Doug McKenzie Collection. via hank
    Pages from a telephone directory for D.S. Scott and Reitmier truck drivers, Doug McKenzie Collection. Via Hank's Truck Pictures
    your future can take any shape that you like 2009 by daryl vocat
    Your Future Can Take Any Shape You Like by Daryl Vocat
    Yeti’s rhapsody, 2007, by Yeji Yun
    Yeti's rhapsody, 2007, by Yeji Yun
    untitled 2011 alexander froese
    Untitled, 2011, by Alexander Froese
    The Rocketeer :: Michael Cho
    Rocketeer by Michael Cho
    ancient goddess ruins terrarium via megatone230 on etsy
    Ancient Goddess Ruins Fantasy Forest Terrarium/Diorama via Megatone230's Wonder Room on Etsy
    tfstm via jaredchapman's photostream
    The Fantastically Spectacular Transformation Machine, T-shirt design by Jared Chapman
    steps of recursion anne de vries
    Steps of Recursion by Anne de Vries
    staple-encrusted telephone pole in kensington by neale
    Staple-encrusted telephone pole in Kensington Market by Neale McDevitt
    Skate Sails, via www.canadiandesignresource
    Screen shot 2011-11-23 at 8.43.23 PM
    Take My Hand and Run Fast by Jordan Metcalf
    Screen shot 2011-08-20 at 9.29.49 AM
    Image provenance unknown.
    sculpture by alina szapocznikow via juxtapoz
    Sculpture by Alina Szapocznikow, via Juxtapoz
    Plenty happens, just not online...apologies. Let's enjoy the New York reeds until the next, much overdue update by Riita Ikonen. Photograph by Jason Lewis
    Grassy Mountain Cameron Division MacMillan Bloedell circa 1965 via hnk
    Grassy Mountain, Cameron Division, MacMillan Bloedell circa 1965, Jim Falconer Collection. Via Hank's Truck Pictures
    habana by jim kaufmann
    quill work by sarah yakawonis
    Quill work by Sarah Yakawonis
    Embroidered motherboard, part of the Open Source Embroidery project
    pigeon via sadanduseless
    Image via Sad and Useless
    phys needs via ffffound
    Image via ffffound
    how can you swallow
    Cover art for the CD How Ca You Swallow So Much Sleep by Bombay Bicycle Club
    Periodic taxi, via Found Shit
    No Standing Only Dancing 1974 – Image by © 2011 Rennie Ellis Photographic Archive via selvedge yard
    No Standing Only Dancing 1974. Image by © 2011 Rennie Ellis Photographic Archive, via The Selvedge Yard
    Monty Python Ministry of Silly Walks street art, via Molly Maureen Ginty
    image via leighlalovesyou.tumblr
    Artwork by Xue Jiye
    Image via ginagaileyland
    Image provenance unknown.
    image via ffffound brrr
    Image via ffffound
    felted pills via lolgallery
    Felted prescription pills via LOLGallery
    Playing card from the 1950s, via curatedobject
    Buckjumper, playing card from the 1950s, via The Curated Object
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