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    A poem I think you should read (1)

    This is one of my favourite poems. I think you should read it so that maybe it can become one of your favourite poems too.
         There is deliciousness in the way the straightforward language rubs up against the dreamscape imagery; also: I have often wondered if it’s about trepanation, this poem. If so, it almost makes me want to run out and bore a hole in my skull because  ”the goldfishes are my dreams”?  Oh my god. That. I want that.

    There is an insect
    There is an insect
    On a branch
    The branch is in my head
    Yes it is in my head
    I drilled a hole
    In my skull and I inserted the branch
    A beetle came and walked through my skull
    On the branch
    The beetle is sad and crying and
    Her tears fill a pond in my brain
    In the grey jelly of my brain there is now
    A pond with goldfishes and waterlilies
    They swim
    The water is salty
    They swim through the beetle’s tears
    The goldfishes are my dreams
     — From the poem “There is an insect” by Cynthia Girard

    Dans ma tête
    sur une branche
    dans ma tête
    il y a un insecte
    Oui dans ma tête
    j’ai percé un trou et j’y ai inséré une branche
    un scarabée (s’y est déposé et est entré dans mon crâne)
    sur la branche
    le scarabée est triste et il pleure
    ses larmes forment un étang dans ma tête
    dans la gelée grise de mon cerveau il y a maintenant
    un étang avec des poissons rouges et des nénuphars
    Ils nagent
    l’eau est salée
    ils nagent dans les larmes du scarabée
    les poissons rouges sont mes rêves 
    — Extrait traduit du poème “There is an insect” de Cynthia Girard

    Goldfish photo by fab34 (on flickr)
    Goldfish photo by fab34 (on flickr)
    Goldfish photo by fab34 (on flickr)
    Goldfish photo by fab34 (on flickr)

    je ne comprende pas. mais je crois que tous les poetes sont fucking whackos. so there you go.

    rache added these words on Jul 10 09 at 11:32 am

    I think poetry-making *does* require a certain kind of perceptual oddness, totally. I think that’s probably true of making any art worth making, really. If it’s just transcription, well, it’s just transcription. And while there’s a need for that, I think it isn’t probably art-making. Gotta maybe have a skewed way of seeing the world to make visuals or textuals or audials that are truly compelling. That’s what I think. YMMV, of course.

    Katy added these words on Jul 10 09 at 12:28 pm

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