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    Incidental accidentality, accidental incidentality

    You know what I really love? I love to go to art galleries and museums to look at what humans have made, with intention. But I also love to walk out in the world and find the deliciousness of happy accident. I sure do. I really love both the incidental and the accidental. Like, really a lot I love them. All the funny found little bits and pieces of art or music or poetry that jump out at you and yell “Boo!” or maybe they peer around the corner and breathe “Pssst!” at you but however they approach you, they can all be filed under the heading “Ambush, such a lovely”. Sometimes you receive those gifts and love them for what they are and walk on but other times — if you’re, say, Elizabeth Bishop or darling Ghadah or Hillary Carlip or the guys who dug major-league-shortstop-turned-MLB-broadcaster Phil Rizzuto so much they they discerned the poetry in Rizzuto’s crazy broadcast syntax and disjointed broadcast thought processes and oddball broadcast digressions — well, if you’re smart like those people, you see the universe’s strange little offerings and pluck them from the ground and turn them into something more than what they started life as. I’m grateful to Tom Peyer and Hart Seeley for seeing Phil’s Rizzutoness in a different way and showing me that way of seeing. I’m grateful to every perceptually wacked-out honeybaby who has the ability to find or make a marvellous thing out of the mundane. Cos therein lies illumination and really, people, what’s not to dig about that?

    Selections from O Holy Cow! The Selected Verse of Phile Rizzuto, edited by Tom Peyer and Hart Seeley:

    The Man in the Moon
    The Yankees have had a traumatic four days.
    Actually five days.
    That terrible crash with Thuman Munson.
    To go through that agony,
    And then today,
    You and I aong with the rest of the team Flew to Canton for the services,
    And the family … Very upset
    You know, it might,
    It might sound a little corny.
    But we have the most beautiful full moon tonight.
    And the crowd,
    Enjoying whatever is going on right now.
    They say
    it might sound corny,
    But to me it’s some kind of a,
    Like an ome
    Both the moon and Thurman Munson
    Both ascending up into heaven.
    I just can’t get it out of my mind.
    I just saw that full moon
    And it reminded me of Thurman.
    And that’s it.

    August 6, 1979
    Baltimore at New York
    Ron Guidry pitching to Lee May
    Fifth inning, bases empty, no outs
    Orioles lead 1–0

    He has powerful legs and cute buns,
    That Henderson.
    That was a great shot,
    Going to second base there.
    There’s nothing wrong with that, White.
    That’s a popular expression.
    High, and it’s one and one.
    His legs were churning.

    May 10, 1987
    New York at Minnesota
    Charlie Hudson pitching to Al Newman
    (Replay of stolen base)
    Third inning no outs, bases empty
    Yankees lead 4–0

    Instructions for the World
    Watch this.
    Forget about the script.
    Don’t read. Don’t read.
    Ad-lib it.
    And I had it upside down.

    May 30, 1992
    New York at Milwaukee
    Scott Sanderson piching to Scot Fletcher
    Third inning, one out, bases empty
    Yankees lead 3–0

    And for Elizabeth Bishop’s “Man-Moth”, go here.

    turquoise radiator via greenhem on flickr (benny farm)
    turquoise radiator, Benny Farm, Montreal
    Via greenhem's photostream on flickr
    Heroin 1
    Glassine heroin bag, on display in the Heroin Stamp Project at the White Box Gallery, NYC
    Image via The New York Times
    Heroin 2
    Glassine heroin bag, on display in the Heroin Stamp Project at the White Box Gallery, NYC
    Image via The New York Times
    Rache's bees fixing a hole in the honeycomb by Rachel Cheetham Douglas
    bees fixing a hole in the honeycomb
    Photograph by rachel cheetham douglas
    "Nickel Tailings #34," photographed by Edward Burtynsky, via nytimes
    Nickel Tailings #34, Sudbury, Ontario 1996
    Photograph by Edward Burtynsky
    Go Habs Go! by ndgcatlady on flickr
    Don't cry over spilt paint 2 by Ghadah Alkandari
    Don’t cry over spilt paint

    I spilled some paint this morning. It oozed out of the cup so symmetrically, and instantly I saw the lower part of a satyr's body. I quickly sketched the upper part of a woman, cut it out, placed it above the paint blot, and took these photos. I love life's little surprises sometimes.

    Artwork and text by Ghadah Alkandari
    heroin 4
    Glassine heroin bags, on display in the Heroin Stamp Project at the White Box Gallery, NYC
    Image via Edge Markets
    shadow cat
    Photograph by Katy McDevitt
    turd 1
    Photograph by Katy McDevitt
    Defaced political poster, from the series The Candidates by Nikki Middlemiss
    Defaced political poster, from the series The Candidates by Nikki Middlemiss
    Picture 1
    Untitled by L!K!
    Via skewed
    54 exposement 24 - natland sb art galleri
    exposement 24
    Via Natland SB Art Galleri
    ribcage on my bedroom wall
    Photograph by Katy McDevitt
    Windblown Tree at Night, via my70monaco's photostream
    Windblown Tree at Night
    Via My70Monaco's photostream
    waterlily and leaf by katinka matson
    Water Lily Leaf & Bud by Katinka Matson
    spine on my bedroom wall
    Photograph by Katy McDevitt
    Abandoned apartment building on Havelock Street
    Photograph by Katy McDevitt
    Untitled by L!K!, via www.skewedmagazine.com
    Untitled by L!K!
    Via skewed
    Stephane Couturier Havana, Mur No. 1, 2005, laurencemillergallery.com
    Havana, Mur No. 1, 2005, by Stephane Couturier
    Via the Laurence Miller Gallery
    Spiritualism is ...
    Photograph by Paul Oberst
    Bergy Bits Jammed Up, Antarctica Peninsula, December 2007, Camille Seaman
    Bergy Bits Jammed Up, Antarctic Peninsula, December 2007, by Camille Seaman
    Photograph by Tania Chong at taniachong.blogspot.com
    Photograph by Tania Chong
    Rockefeller Chapel by Justin Kern
    Rockefeller Chapel by Justin Kern
    Via The Windy Pixel
    Photograph by Katy McDevitt
    real hillary carlip, via harpercollins
    The real Hillary Carlip
    Via HarperCollins
    Hillary Carlip as ex-porn star Pammy, from A la Cart: The Secret Lives of Grocery Shoppers

    "Ever since she was a teenager, performance artist and author Carlip has been collecting strangers' lost shopping lists and imaging the lives and people behind them. With the help of expertly applied makeup and outlandish costumes, Carlip has turned herself into the men and women that she imagined." Quotation from Publishers Weekly via Amazon.com
    munro 2
    Thank you, Will Munro, sign in an apartment window, College Street, Toronto
    Photograph by Katy McDevitt
    mew 2
    Photograph by Katy McDevitt
    Kayaking in Svalbard www.wavelengthmagazine
    Kayaking in Svalbard
    Via WaveLength Magazine
    Kika and the snow gator, January 17, 1999, Kensington Market, Toronto
    Photograph by Paul Oberst
    From the Strange Fruit series (3) by Darin Mickey, via www.darinmickey.com
    Photograph by Darin Mickey
    found art via onecreativesource' s photostream
    found art 2 via Sister In Arms' photostream
    Exclamation Point-British Columbia by Jeff Bassett, 2007
    Photograph by Jeff Bassett
    Looks like an exclamation mark!

    ha, oh i love many of these. somewhere, i have a photo of a local book store, that had “poop on the wall” scrawled on the side for quite some time. eventually, they painted over it… and it reappeared not long after. it would make such a lovely pair with your TURD photo.

    rache added these words on Jun 25 10 at 11:15 am

    Some of these remind me of Egypt, actually. Everything is half built, and while there is a huge part of my psyche that really enjoyed the half-chaos half-order, after awhile the chaos started popping to the front and it got oppressive. I do think, however, that the apocalypse will be aesthetically appealing.

    Kim added these words on Jun 25 10 at 11:35 am

    also, that antler looks like a dude running. they should make that an olympic logo. and we used to call mr. woogums “svalbard” when she was being bad. which was most of the time.

    rache added these words on Jun 25 10 at 12:36 pm

    What an amazing site you have… I could get lost for hours, days even, soaking it all in. The images of the Glassine heroin bags are simply beautiful, (which feels odd and wrong, but they are) and “Havana, Mur No. 1″ is also very appealing to me. The line drawing of “I hate my job”… fabulous!! Really good stuff.

    Victoria added these words on Jun 29 10 at 6:33 pm

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