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    The art is so much better at night

    I run. I like to run, a lot.


    I love to run. Love it, with big crazy heartsing heartpound loveness.

    There are a lot of reasons I love to run so much. Or maybe that’s not accurate. Not so much a lot of reasons quantity-wise as a lot of reason depth-wise. I am reminded of one of them every time I run through the dark world.

    It’s the trees.

    Trees are always beautiful, of course they are. But trees at night make a kind of art that offers the possibility of connection  to another world; in the dark, the strange mystery of them is fully feelable, goosebump-making, and the way they connect to the rock I run on and the sky over top me is some kind of deep and powerful magic.

    And last night I ran under the wolf moon. It was so huge, that moon, and so nearby, and Mars glowed so brightly beside it, that I ran blind, not looking ahead to see where I was going, but with my head turned to look over my shoulder at the gift of that. It was very cold —  -25°C with the windchill — and the sky was clear and the moon and Mars were right there — right there — and the possibility for illumination — not just literal illumination — was so enormous that it made me think of how it is when you see art or read a poem or hear a song that makes you stop dead in your tracks with shiver and quiver and epiphany, that makes you know something you never knew before.

    I know people who hate to run outdoors in the cold. I know people who just hate to run outdoors, period. But for me, running outdoors is a celebration of art and a conjuring of mystery. If I run for another year or for the rest of my life, I will always need to do it outdoors because I will always need to hurl myself into a world so strange and beautiful and so overflowing with meaning I didn’t know I didn’t understand and secrets I didn’t know I didn’t know until the moment of seeing the trees move against the dark night sky. Always I will need that. Pure and simple.

    Full Moon, Clear Sky via Josh Jensen's photostream
    Full Moon, Clear Sky by Josh Jensen, 2010Josh Jensen's photostream on flickr
    Trees at twilight, Kingston, 2008
    Photograph by WhiteFeather
    Trees at twilight, Kingston, 2008
    Photograph by WhiteFeather
    Wolf moon via alex cirka's photostream
    moon1 by Alex Cirka, 2010
    Via Alex Cirka's photostream on flickr

    Ya know – I want to tattoo those branches on my body.

    feather added these words on Jan 30 10 at 7:02 pm

    I’m not a tattoo-y kind of woman, but if I were? Yeah, I’d be right there with you. They’re pretty damn magicky, those branches.

    Katy McDevitt added these words on Jan 30 10 at 7:06 pm

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