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    Anything for a fuck, anything for a buck

    You know, when Tiger Woods apologised to me, I didn’t get it.

    I didn’t feel like I needed an apology from him, did you? His wife, now she deserved an apology. But me? Nuh-uh. What do I care where he dips his wick? It has no bearing on my life, at all.

    And really, fame sucks. If every guy who ever laid some pipe on the side had to take to the airwaves to make a pubic apology, holy christ, there’d be nothing else on TV from now until the end of time.

    Using your dead father to reingratiate yourself with your corporate masters and middle America, on the other hand? Now that is an act of creepy, crappy whoredom for you.

    Honestly, I really truly do not care what Tiger does with his penis. I’d care if I were his wife, but I’m not so I don’t, and frankly have no idea why anyone else gives a fiddler’s foxtrot. I don’t think it was nice or right or good of him to do what he did, but I think it was not all that surprising and I think it makes him no worse than any other human being who transgresses in this particular way. I’d be willing to place a pretty hefty bet that any number of the CEOs of the corporate entities with which he’s associated have a piece or pieces on the side too. But I bet no matter how those little extracurriculars play out, few of those men will be subject to such thorough-going public pillorying.

    That being said, I think Tiger’s shown us something really unseemly about himself with this Nike thing but I guess that’s morality in the age of advertising.


    oh how i was hoping he’d manage to squeeze just one little tear out from that contrite bullshit head of his.

    seriously, the less i know about other people’s sex lives, the happier i am. why i have to be subjected to the details of a *golfer’s* butthumpin exploits, is beyond me. i am pre-emtively ruing (…? rueing? roo-ing) the day that he agrees to do an ad for a herpes medication.

    rache added these words on Apr 13 10 at 11:42 am

    Katie, my fearless friend, you have once again hit it exactly right. Why is no one else saying this? I’ve been doing my very best to avoid this unavoidable story but even with the bare outlines of what’s happened, I feel gross. I do not care. About golf or his sexual pecadilloes. So not my business. Holding a press conference to talk about your sexual rehabilitation? Invoking your dead father’s “disappointment” to try to move on with your very wealthy corporate sponsors? Why anyone continues to give him any brain space is beyond me. My disgust at this whole story actually makes me feel a little Victorian — not because I am prudish, but because it is Unseemly. Everyone in the world needs a new hobby.

    And I am so not pressing play on your link. Ick.

    Laura Brady added these words on Apr 13 10 at 12:02 pm

    I however did press play on the link and found myself transfixed on TW’s lips. Not giving a shit about the whatnow’s of golf or ongoing’s of t-dogs sexually doings, but wondering how his lips might feel on mine…(either set, Im just saying)

    sarah added these words on Nov 11 10 at 9:43 pm

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