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    Criminy: a criminal investigation

    Gah. Some words are nasty. Nasty with nastyburgers and a side of nasty.

    “Criminy” is definitely — DEFINITELY — one of those words. Do not even tell me otherwise. Do not even.

    Text by Katy McDevitt
    Text treatment by James Cook

    I think you need to look for some compassion in your heart for that poor y, relegated as it is to the end of fucking everything. Cut the poor thing some slack. I, for one, am going to embrace that Y and give it a monster, mother-like hug.

    calamity jane added these words on Apr 13 10 at 9:50 am

    dude i use that word all the time. it has saved me from the catholic wrath (cath-wrath?) of my mother, who might otherwise hear me take the name of her lord, haysoos, in vain.

    criminy jane added these words on Apr 13 10 at 11:45 am