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    The seahorse in the daffodil

    The other night I was drinking whiskey and thinking about Fibonacci numbers and thinking about Katinka Matson’s scanned flower images and thinking about how once upon a time I looked at her daffodils and realised how much those flower heads look like the heads of seahorses and thinking about how everything is connected, no two ways about it, all things are bound together by some kind of metaphysical spider silk and one thing cannot escape the embrace of the other and I’m thinking about the worlds within worlds and the rivers that rush through all of us which are not usually visible but you can see them in the  placenta that supports the incipient river dolphin and also I’m thinking about the skeleton of the fern that grows in the wings of the bat and also I’m thinking about how this is a bad old world, bad and full of badness, but so good and so beautiful and so full of swoon and mystery that I love it anyway.

    Everything is connected. Is.

    From the Forty Flowers series by Katinka Matson, 2002
    Hippocampus barbouri photographed by Jeffrey N. Jeffords
    X-ray of a river dolphin fetus, 19th century
    Via wired.com
    I have no caption information for this image. Please contact me if you know the name of the photographer.
    1 Comment

    How metaphysical of you.

    Barbara Gilbert added these words on Jul 16 09 at 12:03 pm

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