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    Studio yumness; film at eleven

    And again I love the internets with mighty might because here I am unrulying away in Toronto and all the way over in the Czech Republic Akile Nazli Kaya is making films and sending me nifty pics of her studio space at the Film School Zlín.

    Akile Nazli Kaya

    Location: Zlín, Czech Republic

    What I do:
    Graphic design and animation

    What I can tell you about my workspace:
    The place is located in the Film School Zlin where it is still possible to shoot classical animation on film. It was a privilege for me to work at the same atelier where once Karel Zeman and Hermína Týrlová used to create their animated films.

    to see animated short “Zlin Soup” go to: http://www.vimeo.com/987336 or visit www.vimeo.com/nkaya

    Random thought of profundity or absurdity or hilarity:
    I simply love cut-out!

    So yo yo yo, lovely unruly reader person! I think you should take a leaf from Nazli’s book and send me some purty pics of your own workspace. You can do that by e-mailing a few small images (not bigger than 450 pixels at their largest dimension, 72 dpi, please) to the addy listed under “Contact” in the sidebar. And who knows? Maybe they’ll end up here for all the world to thrill to. Please don’t e-mail huge images. They’ll crash the unruly inbox and make the unruly proprietor extra cranky with crankysauce.)

    zlinsoup 6
    This was my workspace during the preparation of Zlín Soup
    zlinsoup 6
    The preparation process and a primitive way of letter-making
    zlinsoup 16
    Preparing my "alphabetti spaghetti" for Zlín Soup. I became addicted to collect any kind of trash which I could use/recycle/tear/cut/paste.
    zlinsoup 13
    A wide-angle view from above where we can see the whole construction of the set.
    zlinsoup 14
    the 'š' in czech is the 'sh' in english
    zlinsoup 7
    '30s-style Bata Shoe posters, ready to be served
    zlinsoup 17
    Dobry den, vsechno? dekuji, nashledanou!:
    the words that you can hear on and on in a supermarket.
    Hello, is that all? Thank you and we hope to see you again!
    zlinsoup 11 lg
    The grand opening shot. The camera - hanging at the top of the animation table, has to move across 5 layers of scenes from the city. As I was moving the buildings aside, my cameraman had to move the camera, milimetre by millimetre. This was the hardest shot ever, taking us 2 days to complete; one day for tests and second day for the realization.
    zlinsoup 23
    As my cameraman is measuring the distance for camera's track, I am preparing the buildings and houses which will be moved aside.
    zlinsoup 21
    All I dreamed about was a small but convenient Bata house in the holy woods of Zlín.
    zlinsoup 11
    These are my notes concerning the moves that have been made so that I do not mess things up!
    zlinsoup 9
    This shot was one of my nightmares, though I seem quite calm. I had to make three layers of scenes in order to get a crowded city view. I had to move more than 50 figures one after another in each frame, which took me a day to finish.
    zlinsoup 4
    My animation table after the shooting is completed. Better and massier than the actual scene :)
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    i want to be akile nazli kaya.

    ghadah Alkandari added these words on Mar 23 10 at 3:09 pm