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    Lhasa de Sela

    A couple of nights ago, a friend e-mailed me with the news that singer Lhasa de Sela had died of breast cancer at her home in Montreal on January 1st, at the young age of thirty-seven. I had had a hard day and my head was full of black miseries, and this news, which I would under any circumstance find dreadfully sad, just undid me, and I cried a long, long time. Which in a strange way is fitting, not just in a crying-is-an-appropriate-response-to-death way, but in a to-hear-Lhasa-was-to-be-moved-by-her way. I’ve had her on my mind since then.

    I have always been wildly attracted to a certain kind of female singer — not chick singers, never ever those — but strange, fey creatures with odd voices and skewed outlooks that mean they could never be mistaken for anyone else. Mary Margaret O’Hara is a charter member of this group, and she’s joined by, amongst others, Hanne Hukkelberg and Lau Nau and Joanna Newsom. And Lhasa, always Lhasa.

    We all have to go sometime; we start our long march towards the grave at the moment of conception; no one gets out alive — I ain’t stupid; I know the truth of sic transit gloria mundi and that it is a truth equally applied to each and every one of us. But I am nevertheless so very sad for Lhasa’s singular incandescence to have been dimmed so prematurely.

    Lhasa is dead; long live Lhasa.

    “Love Came Here”:

    Lhasa sings Leonard Cohen’s “Who by Fire” at the Montreal Jazz Festival, 2008:

    “Con Toda Palabra”:

    Lhasa 1
    Lhasa lhasa
    Cover of Lhasa
    Lhasa, La Llorona
    Cover of La Llorona
    Lhasa de Sela via www.montrealmirror
    Lhasa 2
    Lhasa the living road
    Cover of The Living Road
    Lhasa blur
    Lhasa 3

    I am hugely undone by this. Just out-of-proportion bereft. Fucking breast cancer.

    Stressie added these words on Jan 05 10 at 10:09 am

    I know. I know. Fuck. I know.

    Big loves to you, Lu. The biggest.

    Katy McDevitt added these words on Jan 05 10 at 10:14 am

    I’m right there with you, bereft and messed up by it. Had my day of mourning.
    I was rather stunned by her singing in English it really surprised me and unravelled me more
    than I thought it could.
    She really left such an incredible gift, her music

    leggybuggery added these words on Jan 07 10 at 8:54 pm

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