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    The Leonard Cohenness of things

    Awhile back I did a meme on Facebook that involved making a list of sixteen albums (CDs, for you whippersnappers) that had been really influential in my life. Only one musician got two spots on my list.

    That musician is Leonard Cohen.

    No one writes about being a sentient, flawed, loving, sexing, joying, sorrowing human creature better than he does and has done for the last forty years. I am a sucker for a person who is full of a certain kind of seekingness and a certain kind of strangeness and oh my lord Leonard Cohen is one of those people. I love the fact that he’s a sybarite with a soul, a Buddhist with a boner. Dichotomy is delicious, always. And he also wrote one of the most shattering and resonant lyrics I have ever heard: “There is a crack in everything / That’s how the light gets in”, which for me is not only the most succinct explanation and defense and celebration of the aesthetic principle of wabi sabi I’ve ever heard but is also pretty much the reason I get out of bed every morning — to maybe be graced one of those moments of epiphanic illuminatory brainrush and heartpound and skinprickle that can only happen when the light finds an unexpected path in. Yes. Oh how grateful I am for the Leonard Cohenness of things.

    Gleam of fireflies #4 by Akihiro (on flickr), 2007
    Childhood Memories by talkingplant (on flickr), 2006
    From the series Hill Burn by WhiteFeather, 2009
    I have no caption information on this image. If you have any such info, please contact me. Please!
    From the Singles series by Rune Guneriussen
    Bioluminescence in the Pacific by Abri_Beluga (on flickr)
    Blue forest by Paul Oberst, 2008
    Explorer's Cove, New Harbor, McMurdo Sound by Steve Clabuesch/National Science Foundation, 2005
    Milky Way Road Trip by Tunç Tezel, 2008
    1 Comment

    I really hate james taylor. his music is so dull and cloying. nothing interesting ever happens to his voice or in the song. to me he would be the anti-leonard cohen. I tend to shy away from things that are too perfect, too shiny, I like my life to be a little rough, a little snagged, with a little character and a few imperfections (or a lot). I’ve never put any of that into words but you keep making me think about stuff. thinking is dumb.

    artistamuerta added these words on Jul 13 09 at 10:21 am

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