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    Ghadah’s studio

    It is such a miracle, this ridiculous Internet thing. Just a few days ago, I was sitting bundled in sweaters in an old farmhouse in Quebec, looking out the kitchen window at the blazing colours of autumn while simultaneously peeking into the studio of artist Ghadah Alkandari; the thing about Ghadah’s studio is that it’s located in Kuwait, half a world away from me. But with a click of the Send button on her Mac, she was able to show me a little piece of her reality and that is an eventuality I like very much. And oh my, how I like publishing these images so that you too can step into Ghadah’s world for a moment or two.

    Name: Ghadah Alkandari


    What I do: I draw, paint and play with practically everything. I’m into all kinds of stuff others regard as trash.

    What I can tell you about my workspace: Sometimes I feel it’s too neat and clean to be a real artist’s studio. At others I feel I wish it were neater and more organized. I moved in about a year ago. I chose this ground floor apartment for its wonderful light and proximity to the ground. It has a very calming aura and zenlike feel. I love to keep the terrace door open in the spring and take in the ambient world outside. Because it is also home to my three children and me, there are no lines that divide mine and theirs. And sometimes that sucks. But a lot of times it just makes me happy.

    Websites: Ghadahalkandari.blogspot.comGhadahalkandari.wordpress.comGhadahalkandari.com

    Random thought of profundity or absurdity or hilarity: I’ve been thinking a lot about water. Is water wet? I say ‘no’. It makes you wet. But it’s not wet.

    (So yo yo yo, lovely unruly reader person! I think you should take a leaf from Ghadah’s book and send me some purty pics of your own workspace. You can do that by e-mailing a few small images (not bigger than 450 pixels at their largest dimension, 72 dpi, please) to the addy listed under “Contact” in the sidebar. And who knows? Maybe they’ll end up here for all the world to thrill to. Please don’t e-mail huge images. They’ll crash the unruly inbox and make the unruly proprietor extra cranky with crankysauce.)

    This is a bird's eye view of one of my many workspaces. After the chair, the table is man's greatest invention. I have many desks and tables in my home. At the bottom right hand corner is the postcard I sent to my friend Miti.
    A general view. My boyfriend bought me the rug from the Friday Market, Kuwait's answer to a flea market.
    My good old Mac. Poor thing, I do all my work on this machine. To the right is Zahra. Look at the wiry mess.
    Some of my many sketchbooks and my poor, poor scanner/printer in the back. The thing sounds like a croaking octogenerian with a slight cold.
    Close up of my bulletin board, that I never use for bulletins. The Q-tips are leftovers from a summer printing workshop. The sinkers were left behind by a friend.
    Cut outs from my video Clouds. I pinned them onto a picture of one of my paintings. A dead rose given to me by my lover and a professional photo of my brother Moh and his beautiful wife Jana.
    General view of the other end of my favorite place in the world.

    What a beautiful and well-organized space. I am envious. But really, I should just spend more time tidying my rather unruly space…

    Thank you for sharing these images.

    Barbara Gilbert added these words on Oct 29 09 at 12:12 pm

    organized! organized! it LOOKS organized but if you wanted to find something, you could never :) plus, i took these in between paintings and projects. you should see it now. it IS a glorious place though and i’m so thankful for the light that comes through.

    ghadah added these words on Oct 29 09 at 2:43 pm

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