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    Life is but a dream, sweetheart

    I like the feeling of dream, the look of dream, the words of dream, the music of dream, the LSD of dream. I like the blur, the opacity, and the glow of dream. I like the strange wrong flawed perfect images of dream that sometimes tell a strange wrong flawed perfect truth.

    All roiled up, that’s what I am right now. Trying to work out the meaning of dream — not the specific meaning of a particular dream, not chasing dream interpretation — but trying to understand why I dream, why I have to dream. So I am making a list, a list that looks like this:

    When I dream I:

    1-find solutions to problems (find problems to solutions);
    2-find answers to questions (find questions to answers);
    3-go to far away places (and also to places just around the corner);
    4-learn things I didn’t know I didn’t know (and learn things I didn’t know I needed to know);
    5-find catharsis (without parenthetical aside)

    Now I am making a second (shorter) list. It looks like this:

    1-”I believe in deeply ordered chaos.” — Francis Bacon
    2-”Il y a un autre monde mais il est dans celui-ci” (“There is another world but it is in this one”) — Paul Éluard

    The Francis Bacon thing? Wow. It’s an article of faith for me, the importance of deeply ordered chaos. Deeply ordered chaos — that’s what dream is, really, isn’t it? And the apparent disjoint between those two things — how can chaos be ordered? — is immensely seductive, a problem I return to over and over again, that I stroke and cosset, that I whisper sweet nothings to. I want to connect it to the deeply ordered chaos of the fractal, very much I want to make it connect up that way. I can’t seem to formulate the formulation tho’, not adequately. Maybe I should sleep on it. Hah! Hah!

    As for the Éluard thing, well, goddamn! that is in my brain kind of just about all the time. What is that other world he refers to? Huh? I think it must be the world of the imagination or the world of dream. I think tapping into that other world is immense and beautiful and terrifying. I think it is the goal to strive for, always, the destination to head for, always. I crave that place, even as I don’t, even as I am afraid to go there. Which of course reminds me of running. Running is hard work. To do it is to court physical pain and never to be disappointed — the pain will come, always. To do it is to court mental and emotional upheaval, and, again, never to be disappointed. I look for reasons not to go for a run because it seems so crazy to go voluntarily, to go if you haven’t been conscripted. But I do go, because to be pulled apart by running is to find revelation, sometimes — which is true of dream, too.

    “Il y a un autre monde mais il est dans celui-ci.” I want to find that place and make that place and go to that place. I do. And I do. And I do.

    Birds on the Wires
    from Jarbas Agnelli on Vimeo:

    Edited to add this video, with many thanks to commenter Barbara for bringing it to my attention.
    Her Morning Elegance by Oren Lavie:

    From the Stills series Rosa Mathijssen's
    From the series Cinema of In Between STILLS by Rosa Mathijssen
    Via Rosa Mathijssen
    Untitled by Kenichi Hoshine (kenishihoshine.com)
    Untitled by Kenichi Hoshine
    graphite, gesso, acrylic emulsion, tea, shellac on canvas mounted on wood (22"x20")
    Via Kenichi Hoshine
    Porpoise skull by WhiteFeather
    Studio Table: Vision in Progress by Whitefeather
    evolusjon series by rune guneriussen.no
    From the Evolusjon series by Rune Guneriussen
    Via Rune Guneriussen
    Red Detachment of Women, Natl Ballet of China, via nytimes
    Red Detachment of Women, National Ballet of China
    Via New York Times
    kermit via community.livejournal.com-vintagephoto
    Image source unknown
    Shary Boyle
    Sculpture by Shary Boyle
    Image source unknown
    Glove of Flowers, 1999, www.feliekevanderleest
    Glove of Flowers by Felieke van der Leest, 1999
    Via Felieke van der Leest
    Yves Tessier Chaloupes à louer 2008, via www.canadianart.ca
    Chaloupes à louer by Yves Tessier, 2008
    Via Canadian Art
    tranquilleulyssel by olivier pitot image © designboom
    tranquilleulyssel by Oliver Pitot
    Image © designboom
    Via designboom
    w and g penguin
    Feathers McGraw
    Still from The Wrong Trousers by Nick Park, 1993
    Wallace & Gromit — The Official Site
    Strange Adventures 79
    Strange Adventures #79
    Via Comic Book Resources
    Horton via flickr
    Airplane vortex from Wake Vortex Study at Wallops Island, via en.wikipedia.org
    Airplane vortex image from Wake Vortex Study at Wallops Island
    Via Wikipedia
    Dreams 2 From- Mohammed Amine Nasseri's Portfolio
    From the Dreamers series by Mohammed Amine Nasseri
    Via Mohammed Amine Nasseri's portftolio on Behance
    Sound Wave, 2007 by Jean Shin
    Sound Wave by Jean Shin, 2007
    Via Jean Shin
    Frank Bolter, via www.abashalai
    Artist Frank Boelter sets sail in his lifesize paper boat
    Via The Mail Online
    Polaroid photograph by Anna Verlet, Anna Verlet's photostream
    Polaroid photograph by Anna Verlet
    Via Anna Verlet's photostream on flickr
    Platipus castanaceae
    Platipus castanaceae light sculpture by NeefNicht Design
    Via NeefNicht Design
    Photo by Emily Cross, via www.booooooom.com
    Photo by Emily Cross
    Via Booooooom
    Lace Head 2 Frédérick Carnet via www.fubiz.net
    Lace Head by Frédérick Carnet
    Via fubiz
    Canoe Lake, Peter Doig, 1997-8
    Canoe Lake by Peter Doig, 1997–8
    Via The Saatchi Gallery
    Dutch Goulda on bread by Lise Lefebvre
    Dutch Gouda on bread by Lisa Lefebvre
    Via Lisa Lefebvre
    Dreamers on behance From- Mohammed Amine Nasseri's Portfolio
    From the Dreamers series by Mohammed Amine Nasseri
    Via Mohammed Amine Nasseri's portftolio on Behance
    Dream by andre jordan via www.abeautifulrevolution.com
    Pillow 1 by Andre Jordan
    Via A Beautiful Revolution

    Oooh, super good one.

    Feather added these words on Nov 18 09 at 4:08 pm

    Let go of the duality. Just let it all be one.

    Drift Velocity added these words on Nov 18 09 at 6:01 pm

    Funny, I don’t often recall my dreams but last night I had a wacky one that involved Tom Waits’ wife going to a spa on my street (there is no spa on my street).You will probably also appreciate this:


    Sweet dreams,


    Barbara Gilbert added these words on Nov 19 09 at 10:26 am

    I appreciate it so much that I’ve embedded it in my post. Thank you, Barbara!

    admin added these words on Nov 19 09 at 10:34 am

    = )

    Barbara Gilbert added these words on Nov 19 09 at 11:05 am

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