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    Three: triangulated

    Three is a delicious number. De.Li.Cious. In general, I would say that odd numbers are far nummier than evens (and all numbers — every last mother’s son of ‘em — are better than four, which is an evil number of death and brussels sprouts and clowns that come for you in the night).

    So to recap: I have affection for the number three. And to continue: I’m rather fond of the triangle. I like the FatherSonandHolyGhostness of it. I like that while some triangles are symmetrical, some are not, and, altho’ I tend to favour asymmetry over symmetry because I like the challenge of a-’s weirdness, I am woman enough to comfortably say that a symmetrical triangle has delightments to offer. I like that the triangle is neat and orderly, even while working the (i)saucy(les) angle. Squares? They’re so, like … Squaresville, man. But a triangle has a modicum of minx mixed in with its angled propriety. Really, triangles are the naughty librarians of the geometry world. And lord, lord I do love me a naughty librarian.

    (And also? Three is a magic number.)

    Contagion Puppet by WhiteFeather
    Via VRVGallery
    A's from the Neon Graveyard series by Dave Sylvestre
    Cone Camp, Burning Man 2004
    Via loupiote (Old Skool)'s photostream on flickr
    © Tristan Savatier
    Image from the Spomenik: End of History project by Jan Kempanaers, 2007
    Via The Exposure Project
    Room 211 by Mauricio Affonso and Liz Wolfe for Come Up to My Room 2009 at the Gladstone Hotel, Toronto
    Via ffffound
    Beware, merkin, by Miriam Nathan Roberts, 2006
    Via lindagass.com
    Modern pit dwelling house in Saijo, Japan by Suppose Office Design
    Via Dezeen
    Keep Yourself Tidy ad for Brazilian Beauty, Australia
    Ad campaign by The Cavalry
    Triskele hollow triangle
    Via Wikimedia Commons
    Tickled pink, merkin, by Elin Noble, 2006
    Via lindagass.com
    Leslie's Chicken by Dave Sylvestre, 2008
    A Frames: Alpine by Barbara Gallucci, 2004
    Via barbaragallucci.com
    Schwarzwald/Black Forest, merkin, by Anna Peach, 2006
    Via lindagass.com
    Room 211 by Mauricio Affonso and Liz Wolfe for Come Up to My Room 2009 at the Gladstone Hotel, Toronto
    Via ffffound
    Polystichum munitum by Karl Blossfeldt, from Archetypes of Art, published 1929
    Early Cycladic frying pan, 2800-2300 BC, National Museum, Athens
    Via diffendale's photostream on flickr
    Stegosaurus skeleton, via picasaweb.google.com
    Stegosaurus skeleton, via picasaweb.google.com
    Modern pit dwelling house in Saijo, Japan by Suppose Design Office
    Via Dezeen
    Vintage gasoline diamond clothing iron with pump in handle and triangle tank,1930s or '40s
    Via 11karri on Etsy
    Delaware Bay Trading Post sign
    Via Reference Library
    The Adulterers, merkin, by Bette Levy, 2006
    Via lindagass.com
    A Frames: Shed with Bulb by Barbara Gallucci, 2004
    Via barbaragallucci.com

    I want to comment!! Can I comment??

    Feather added these words on Sep 10 09 at 12:33 am

    Oh, cripes! It finally let me comment!!!!!
    I will live in an A-frame someday!
    I want to see Robin Hood cap bobbing either for apples or other things. And, tickled pink looks like my heart. Currently.

    Feather added these words on Sep 10 09 at 12:34 am

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