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    The lovely leaf

    I went to Ikea a couple of weeks ago with my friend Allysun. It was delightful, as trips to Ikea can be when you’re not there to make some big significant purchase (cos let’s face it, there’s more than a little truth to the old “Ikea: Swedish for ‘Out of Stock’” joke.) But this was a fun outing, no pressure, just cruise around with a friend, have a yammer, and enjoy the Ikean spectacle.

    At the end of our journey, we of course ended up in the Marketplace, which for my money is the awesomest part of Ikea. I go there and fill up a shopping cart with well-designed handsome little objects and it never seems to cost much, no matter how greedily I consumerise. Within the Marketplace, we spent a fair bit of time fingering the fabrics. Because, hot diggity, those Scandinavians are a dab hand at textiles, and they do seem to favour a leaf pattern, and both Allysun and I agreed that leafy cloth is covetable cloth.

    And for me, honestly, leafy anything is pretty delishalicious. I was reminded of how strongly attracted I am to leaf while having a saunter through poppytalk.blogspot.com today. Cos there I discovered the leafy ceramic jewellery of eikcam, who sells her wares on Etsy, and I was smitten.

    Look at these pieces! They’re the stuff of dreamscape — the colours and glazes are so evocative of mist and forest and dream, and the leafyness, o the leafyness. How not to want to adorn yourself with such lovely leaf? Me, I am so not a jewellery-wearer but I am seriously desirous of these pieces, most especially the fiddlehead things. Fiddleheads are the most beautiful sculptural objects I can think of and owning a wearable one would make me very happy indeed.

    I feel a purchase coming on.

    fiddlehead collar necklace in peacock blue, via eikcam.etsy.com
    ficus leaf necklace in peacock blue, via eikcam.etsy.com
    forest green gingko biloba necklace, via eikcam.etsy.com
    garden party pendant in emerald green, via eikcam.etsy.com
    1 Comment

    i’m a sucker for ginkgo leaves, for purely silly romantical reasons. i have to make a conscious effort not to buy every ginkgo necklace, ring, painting, print, fabric, shirt, linocut, or tote bag on etsy.

    rache added these words on Sep 02 09 at 12:10 pm

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