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    Design that pokes you in the eye with a sharp stick is design I can get behind

    Anyone who knows me IRL knows that I have a relationship with time that requires heavy reliance on the prefix “over-” to describe it.
    Immediately springing to mind would be the words “overwrought” and “overheated” because I am nothing if not punctilious about punctuality. And that’s putting it mildly. My need to get where I’m going ON TIME is fiery hot, oh indeed it is. Really. Ask my children how often my getting-there math has gone like this: “Okay, we need to be there at 11:00. If there’s no problem with the streetcar, that should take us half an hour. But if there’s a problem with the streetcar we’ll be late and oh my god I hate to be late. So we’re gonna give ourselves 50 minutes to get there. And hopefully we won’t be late.”  And then we’re 29 minutes early because not only did I apply an overly generous pouf of making-up-for-travel-travails padding but my original estimate of travel-time was overly pessimistic. Really, my soulmate in this one regard is the long-dead David Redesdale, father of the famous Mitford sisters. According to one of his writer daughters, when waiting for someone to keep an appointment with him, Lord Redesdale would grow restive and belligerent 15 minutes before the person was actually due, growling, “Damn sewer’s going to be late if he doesn’t get here soon.”  Bahahhaha! And that describes all too well my own very fraught relationship with time.

    So imagine my reaction when, while browsing at www.dezeen.com this morning, I came across the Cyclops watch by Mr Jones Watches. This is what the write-up on the maker’s website says about this pretty object: “Cyclops dispenses with a conventional arrangement of hour, minute and second hands; instead a single hour marker passes around the coloured dial. Each hour is represented by a different coloured circle, the black hoop gradually passes over each circle to indicate the time. Cyclops can be read with a relaxed kind of accuracy that offers a counterpoint to our hectic modern lives.” OMG! That “relaxed kind of accuracy” thing made me LOL. Because seriously? A watch that only sort of tells you what time it is? That’s funny! And also clearly sent from the devil himself to torment a woman like me. Then again, if we view my hyper-punctuality as a disease (as surely we should) then the Cyclops watch may be seen as a dose of delicious rainbow-flavoured medicine.

    Really, this is the kind of design I love best. It’s design that functions with a different functionality than what you’d expect, design that yanks the carpet out from under your feet, maddening and enchanting, all at once. And as soon as I’ve got an extra 200 bucks lying around, I’m buying one of those suckers. Fo sho. Meanwhile, I need to begin calculations for this morning’s two-block journey to the Y.

    Cyclops by Mr Jones Watches, via www.dezeen.com
    Cyclops detail, via www.mrjoneswatches.com


    rache added these words on Aug 07 09 at 9:32 am

    well, that submitted before i meant for it to, baha. the other thing i wanted to add was that this whole discussion reminds me of an oft-quoted (at least by me) line from The Money Pit, where shelley long is arriving for her orchestra rehearsal, and one of the other musicians is all flustered and tells her, “you were almost late!” and shelley kind of nods and replies, “yes… we have a phrase for that in this country… it’s called ‘on time.’”

    rache added these words on Aug 07 09 at 9:34 am

    [...] This post was Twitted by unrulyblog [...]

    Twitted by unrulyblog added these words on Aug 07 09 at 9:39 am

    ha. I’m glad I’m not the only person that must be on time… One of the harder things of parenthood (besides the poopy, screaming and lack of sleep early on), was knowing that the boy introduced a chaos factor into everything I did that would often make me late. No amount of planning can prepare for a walking out the door diaper explosion or projectile vomit, or missing shoe, etc etc.

    I’d teach myself to read that watch to the minute, so yeah, the benefit would be lost on me… I’m a crazy person.

    artistamuerta added these words on Aug 07 09 at 10:20 am

    I too suffer from this illness, which I call my pathological need to be on time. It is something I have been consciously trying to let go of, since the social anxiety I also carry makes me hate to be early. Letting go is made easier by the fact that I have an entire group of friends that always run 10-15 minutes late for everything, so if I’m 5 minutes late I am still early.

    Carrie added these words on Aug 19 09 at 10:09 am

    I can relate, Carrie. Oh lord, can I relate. My children laugh at me because in my efforts to cure myself of my twisted punctuality, I actually plan lateness for myself. “I’m due at 10:00, so I think I’ll get there at 10:07.” Can you spell, “crazy timelady”? Yeah. I knew you could.

    Katy added these words on Aug 19 09 at 10:20 am

    i am also one of those on time people. we are always the first once at parties – even when we are on time! i have managed to pass the disease onto my husband :) .

    branka added these words on Aug 30 09 at 3:35 pm