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    A is for aggregation: gorgeous librarians

    A couple of days ago when I was stopped at a street corner waiting for the light to change, a man walked up from behind me, stood beside me, looked at me, smiled, and said, “Nice legs, librarian.” Now, I’m really not a woman who enjoys strangers making commentary on her appearance but he didn’t have the stink of testosterone poisoning about him so I didn’t just default to my “Fuck you, you fucking fucker” setting. Plus? He called me “librarian”. And oh good lord, I do love me a librarian, so very very much I do, and am always so happy to meet a fellow member of that tribe, which obviously that man was.

    Ultimately, it’s all magic mystery, isn’t it, what fills us with shiver and desire? For me, the most spectacular abs in the world go nowhere if their owner doesn’t give good head. By which I mean, of course, good brain. (Not that I’m not, well, down with good head, of course.) Anyway, who could possibly give better brain than a book-lovin’ librarian? Huh? Really, who could?

    Yeah. So. Waiting … But you can’t answer cos there is no answer other than, “Nobody, unruly person. Nobody could.” Nope. No answer at all.

    “Librarian”, My Morning Jacket:

    “Ninja Librarian”, Letterbox Media:

    Look it up! by Terry Moore, 2002, via librarianavengers.org
    Katchoo thinks you should "Look it up!" from Strangers in Paradise by Terry Moore
    Punch Card from the Public Library via suggesteddonation.com
    Punch card from the public library
    Via suggested donation
    Gorgeous librarians by kittenagogo (on flickr)
    "Gorgeous Librarians" sign outside The Library, a strip club in Las Vegas
    Via kittenagogo's photostream on flickr
    Library Bar ad, via www.adrants.com
    Ad for NYC's Library Bar
    Via AdRANTS
    Batgirl was a librarian by day
    Via shameless
    Library MacBook skin
    Via DecalGirl
    booklust tattoo via bibliotecariosstatuados
    Papercut Zine Library
    Via Utne
    Sexy librarians embroidery pattern by Alicia Traveria, embroidery by Amy Bindel, from Sublime Stitching's flickr
    Sexy librarians embroidery pattern by Alicia Traveria
    Via Sublime Stitching
    Radical Militant Librarian button, via watchpost.blogspot.com
    Radical Militant Librarian button
    Via Habakkuk's Watchpost
    Julliette my beautiful librarian..., via girlplanet's photostream
    Julliette my beautiful librarian... Via girlplanet's photostream on flickr
    Noah Wyle the Librarian
    Noah Wyle in The Librarian: Curse of the Judas Chalice
    Via dvdactive
    Boy Scouts of America Librarian badge
    Librarian paper doll
    Via missbrigette on flickriver
    Hot librarian from Springfield, via library_mistress' photostream
    Librarian bookended
    Via missbrigette on flickriver
    Librarian underwear via www.vintage.underwear.net
    Librarian underwear
    Image provenance unknown
    Jolly Roger librarian tattoo
    Via jazzmodeus' photostream on flickr
    Librarian Love! via TopatoCo's photostream
    Last Kiss by John Lustig
    Panels from Last Kiss Last Kiss by John Lustig
    Image via librarious.tumblr
    Image via Librarious
    I want to be a librarian, 1960
    Via Awful Library Books
    I'm a librarian, bitch, via Lipstick Librarian's cafepress
    "I'm a librarian, bitch!" T-shirt
    Via the Lipstick Librarian! Ephemera
    Gorgeous Librarians 2, via Roadsidepictures' photostream
    "Gorgeous Librarians" sign outside The Library, a strip club in Las Vegas
    Via Roadsidepictures' photostream on flickr
    Glasses undies in pink, via undies.etsy.com
    Glasses undies
    Via Undies.Etsy.com
    feeling frisky, via thegreatlakes (on Etsy)
    feeling frisky
    Via thegreatlakes shop on Etsy
    Dewey Decimal and the Librarians, via facsimilemagazine
    Dewey Decimal and the Librarian
    Via Facsimile Magazine
    Che librarian avengers greeting cards
    Che Librarian Avengers note cards
    Via Librarian Avengers
    Books are weapons via Mr. C K Dexter Haven's photostream
    Books are weapons in the war of ideas
    Via Mr. C K Dexter Haven's photostream on flickr
    Radical Militant Librarian Barbie via grinches' photostream
    Radical Militant Librarian Barbie
    Via grinches' photostream on flick
    Boy librarian doll
    Via Razblint
    1 Comment

    bahaa, i have that librArian logo on my orchestra music bag. i think it sends just the right message.

    rache added these words on Jul 28 10 at 11:10 am

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