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    *tap tap* Is this thing even on *feedback*

    Holy balls, been gone awhile now, haven’t I? Lotta things I want to post but … have to chill on. Put ‘em on ice and haul out for reanimation later cos w00t! cryogenics! (Maybe I’ll unfreeze Timothy Leary’s head while I’m at it. Maybe Timothy Leary’s unfrozen head would like to come hang out at my house to keep the cats company while we’re all out at work or school and chastise the bad cat when he neatly arranges himself on a placemat on the kitchen table [because if there's one thing that cat can't resist it's an area, a neatly delineated area. I love how he carefully origamis himself up to fit precisely onto the dropped shirt on the floor or the folded afghan on the sofa arm.]). Maybe I’ll do a whole post on severed heads. Altho someone else has already done this awesome one and how could I ever compete?: Some experiments with severed heads. Or maybe I’ve linked to that before. Fuck, I don’t know. But y’all are big grown up people, so, y’know, deal. Love ya.

    Done some interesting travels this last year or so. Not travel-travels, not going-to-far-flung-places travels. No, sadly, not much of that. But have undertaken some interesting travels through my own life, that’s for sure. Had a long drawn-out period of hibernation in which I did so little making of anything interesting I can’t even tell you, in which I had the rug yanked out from under me work-wise and had to woman up and reconsider, regroup, grow a set. Now I’m lurching out into making territory again and it feels … awkward. But if I press on, it will become less so. Right? So consider this a tentative foray back into that place of unrulying and … be gentle with an old hoyden, okay? Flowers and dinner out would be nice. Or you could just come over here and hold my hand quietly for awhile. That would be good too. Better than good.

    I have a thing I will put up in awhile but it is hard to write so bear with me.

    That’s it for now. Thin gruel, I know, but gruel at least, instead of nothingness.

    (I am so happy I have a severed head image to illustrate this. I rock. I actually really do.)

    Ceramics by Andreas Schulze. Image via Deutsche Welle

    Glad you’re getting back in the swing again Lady. Lots of transitions in your world of late, but that’s what you get for having such a rich life full of love and joy and gratitude. You do rock Katy!

    Annette Shaffer added these words on Oct 19 13 at 10:34 am

    *slips hand into yours*
    I’m here. I bet the rest of the hoydenhood will be along shortly.

    shyster added these words on Oct 19 13 at 10:36 am

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