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    Do the doing things

    Do the doing things:
    be alive in your body
    Find a place to go and go there
    to Dar-es-Salaam or Dearborn, Michigan
    Sit on the tarmac in the time before up
    Think of what you thought up and dreamed up

    Do the doing things:
    Do not live only in the time of here:
    that can be thin gruel
    Hold a bookshape that gives succor when your head is full of unless
    Try not to linger at the intersection of Fuck You and
    And the Horse You Rode In On

    Put your foot on the round rock and be reminded
    that the world spins on its axis
    unconcerned with your wherefores and what for?s

    Do the doing things:
    do not leave them undone.
    Allow the adverb upsurge to take flight
    Speak the things that do not make sense
    Find the order in disorder
    and the poemical in the polemical

    corey arnold fish-work europe 1
    Photograph by Corey Arnold. From the Fish-work Europe series.
    Collage by Jiří Kolář
    Illustration from Coppernickel Goes Mondrian by Wouter van Reek
    Image by Douglas Smith
    From the LSD series by Benoit.P on Flickr
    Chris Fox, Salon Jetpack, 2011
    Salon Jetpack by Chris Fox
    Portable City: Urumchi by Yin Xiuzhen
    Solar system lollipops by Vintage Confections on Etsy
    Untitled Wave, 2008, by Matthew Cusick
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