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    The good old hockey game

    It was gone for too long … not for me because I only really care as a byproduct of my son caring … but gone for too long for my hockey-mad boy. The hockey strike is over now tho’ and the shortened season is better than no season at all, you can be sure of that.

    Even after a lifetime of watching hockey, even after years and years of being the daughter and sister of hockey-mad men, the mother of a hockey-mad boy, I’m shaky on all the finer points of the game. Mostly I just like watching people fly down the ice, propelled by glutes and quads and hellbent focus. I can enjoy nearly any sport, provided I can admire the body’s role in it. Car-racing is stupid to me because it just seems like sitting there. Sitting there going fast, granted, but still just sitting there.

    And maybe I’m just a geezer—okay, who’m I kidding, I totally am a geezer—but I definitely give preference to the hockeying of yesteryear. Not just the pro hockeying, altho’ little can compare with watching Guy Lafleur tear down the ice with his unfettered locks streaming behind him, but the nonpro stuff especially. It’s all so organised now, with little kids competing in highly structured games, leagues, tourneys … too much pressure, I sometimes think, all that, too much pointless pressure. Maybe it would be better just to let the hockey happen more, the way it did when my brothers and I were kids. To get up and head off to the rink for a jillion hours of unorganised and superfun shinny … I’m a fan of that, but of course I would be, given that I’m really not so keen on heavily schedulised regimentation for little kids. It’s cool to have a thing you like to do and to just go do it, without parental involvement, without somebody telling you when or how to do it. The fly-and-be-free approach. I like it. I like it as much as I liked The Flower’s glorious flowstream of hair.

    Still and all, I do take pleasure in watching the Habs go toe-to-toe with all those other high-paid hockey men and am happy, even for my own sake, to have them all back to bring an opportunity to cheer and yell, to yell and curse,  here in the cold old winter.

    (And if you don’t watch any of the other video I’ve posted, watch this first one. The Sweater, written and narrated by the most glorious Roch Carrier.)


    maurice richard
    Maurice Richard from the Canadiana series by Lisa Brawn
    Guy Lafleur from the Canadiana series by Lisa Brawn

    jacques plante
    Jacques Plante from the Canadiana series by Lisa Brawn

    bobby hull woodcut via Lisa Brawn's photostream
    Bobby Hull from the Canadiana series by Lisa Brawn
    Film still, goal, playing pond hockey. Via Western Libraries
    Film still, playing pond hockey. Via Western Libraries
    bobby by kurt kauper 2002-2003
    Bobby, 2002-2003, by Kurt Kauper
    Mike, 2003, by Kurt Kauper
    jacques by kurt kauper 2005
    Jacques, 2005, by Kurt Kauper

    Rodrique, 2004, by Kurt Kauper
    andy-singer-hockey at groveland rink
    Hockey at Groveland Rink by Andy Singer
    CTHL table hockey 1977 via scrubsonskates' photostream
    CTHL Table Hockey - 1977, via scrubsonskates' photostream on Flickr
    Springtime Hockey by alanah.montreal on flickr
    graphic novel by jeff lemire
    Ghost Stories, graphic novel by Jeff Lemire
    swedish hockey comic 1951
    Swedish comic, 1951. Via Greatest Hockey Legends
    Drawing by Seth, from Drawn and Quarterly, 2000. via Hey Oscar Wilde!
    Tim Horton by Wendy Tancock. Via The Anna Project
    Hockey sticks. Image provenance unknown.
    The Hanson Brothers, from "Slapshot, 1977.
    hockey skates via Jennoit's photostream
    hockey players via madebyjenschell on etsy
    via Chambrier Stéphane's photostream
    Talviklassikko / Helsinki / Suomi, via Stéphane's photostream
    Cartoon by Aislin, 2008.
    Sock Monkey Ice Hockey Player via PlushBot's shop
    Sock monkey ice hockey player print via PlusBot on Etsy
    Holy Lu via Jochem Grin's photostream
    Chrissy and Puncher John via Thomas Hawk's photostream
    Chrissy and Puncher John, via Thomas Hawk's photostream on Flicker
    Image from the 2009 Bauer Hockey Product catalogue. Via Lynn Spooner on Behance.
    Amsterdam Appolohal Russian Hockey poster, via Vintage Fine Art Prints
    Poster graffiti in Pittsburgh via the justified sinner's photostream
    oilers jerseys via sfllaw's photostream
    Hockey jerseys, via sflaw's photostream on Flickr
    mandi-gavois-photography via boooooooom
    Photograph by Mandi Gavois. Via BOOOOOOOOM
    Sierra Exif JPEG
    Vintage hockey bookmark, via Gasoline Alley Antiques
    hockey player frozen via Cygnus X1's photostream
    Hockey player frozen, at the Rockford, Michigan Ice Festival. Via Cygnus X1's photostream on Flickr
    ice hockey II via TrudiDuncan's shop
    Ice Hockey II via TrudiDuncan on Etsy
    Hockey Neon Sculpture Game Room Decor via lighting universe
    Neonetics 4HOCKY Hockey Neon Sculpture Statue via LightingUniverse
    Tom and Jerry comic, 1955. Via HockeyGods
    hockey punks via norewind's photostream
    Hockey punks. Image provenance unknown.
    ken dryden via • CHRISTIAN •'s photostream
    vac4no's photostream
    Street Sports: Ice Hockey followed by Fishing, via vac4no's photostream on Flickr
    chicago street art via kirstiecat's photostream
    Canadian hockey player lost in Chicago, via kirstiecat's photostream on Flickr
    blackhawks graffiti via mbaron85's photostream
    Blackhawks street art, via mbaron85's photostream on Flickr
    hockey-raffle via coolposters
    "Score a Date With a Cool Hockey Player!", via Cool Posters
    Poster for Hockey Dad by Stephen Waldschmidt and James Popoff.
    Hockey poster by Roger. Broders, 1930
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