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    This crazy world called life

    Current psychological latitude: gratitudinal.

    (Current linguistic attitude: I will fuck with you with love in my heart, language, baby. Now and forever.)

    2012 hasn’t been an easy year — christ almighty, just the opposite — and I’ve undergone some significant changes. Some of those have been internal changes — metaphysical ones, I mean, altho’, as it happens, physical ones too — and some have been changes to external parts of my life. They’ve all been big and the various transitions have challenged me considerably. The year’s been catalysing, that’s for sure, with travel, ill health, changed family circumstances, and a new job in an industry heretofore entirely foreign to me, driving me to make reconsidered choices about how I live my life — the life inside my head and the life outside it too. (Interestingly, creatively, 2012′s been mostly great. There’s been sadness about a juicy collaborative project that seemed to have stalled permanently but maybe hasn’t, after all, but fulfillment with another collaboration, happily completed, and something pretty close to joy over a long-haul solo undertaking that is both difficult and delicious, just the way I like.)

    Twelve months ago, I couldn’t have foreseen any of the events of 2012, with the exception of the child leaving home for university. I thought I mostly knew the course my life would take but everything got topsy-turvied and I was smashed and crashed around and I decided to acquiesce, to relax into the buffeting maelstrom and enjoy the ride as much as possible, and oh my darlings, the goodness you can find when you let the unfoldings unfold as they must.

    That’s just how things go in this crazy world called life.

    The stars a new way to see them by h.a. rey via codex99
    From The Stars: A New Way to See Them, 1952, by H.A. Rey. Via Codex 99
    For you II, 2009, Samuli Heimonen
    Photograph by Jóannis Sorensen, via inFaroe.com
    whale sky by Donald LeRoi, NOAA
    A killer whale (viewed from above) swims amid floating ice in the Ross Sea in Antarctica, January 2005. Photo: Donald LeRoi, NOAA Southwest Fisheries Science Center/National Science Foundation. Via The Big Picture
    henrique_oliveira_desnatureza', 2011_desnatureza_2011_designboom
    desnatureza, 2011,
 Henrique Oliveira. Image © Aurélien Mole. Via designboom
    circulation desk 2012
    Circulation Desk, 2012, from the series The City, Lori Nix
    Nevertheless by Catherine Widgery, 2004
    Nevertheless, 2004, Catherine Widgery
    THE WEB (The Webster Encyclopedic Dictionary of English Language) 2012 guy laramee
    THE WEB (The Webster Encyclopedic Dictionary of English Language). Carved dictionary, tints, paint (covers), copper holder, 2012, from the series The Great Wall, Guy Laramée
    lady leaving chair sarajo frieden
    lady leaving chair, Sarajo Frieden
    submerged tree in Jiuzhaigou Valley by melinda on flickr via colossal
    Submerged tree in Jiuzhaigou Valley by Melinda ^..^ on Flickr. Via Colossal
    Paterson Ewen_Cosmic Cannibalism AGO
    Cosmic Cannibalism, 1994, Paterson Ewen
    image prov unknown
    From the photobook Nami by Syoin Kajii. Via today and tomorrow
    crabeater seal teeth 2
    Crabeater seal teeth via RecapWhenNotInUse's photostream
    mushroom on the roof via hans s' photostream
    mushroom on the roof, via hans s' photostream on Flickr
    Indicator minor (Lesser honeyguide) via mattisj's photostream
    Harmaahunajaopas (Indicator minor aka Lesser honeyguide), Yundum, Gambia, 2007, via mattisj's photostream on Flickr
    Ice floes clumping in Russia's Sea of Okhotsk (NASA:JSC), via <a href="http://www.boston.com/bigpicture/2009/06/recent_scenes_from_the_iss.html#photo9">The Big Picture</a>
    Ice floes clumping in Russia's Sea of Okhotsk,
    Extinct Tasmanian tiger gene inserted into mouse embryo. Via Sydney Morning Herald
    An 1889 engraving of the Leonid meteor shower by Adolf Vollmy (from an earlier painting). Via Wikipedia
    Loen, Kjendalskronebrae, Nordfjord, Norway, ca 1890 & 1900, LOC flickr set
    Loen, Kjendalskronebrae, Nordfjord, Norway, ca. 1890–1900. Via Library of Congress
    la llareta #0308-23b26
    This llareta plant, parts of which are over 3000 years old, Atacama Desert, Chile, via The New Scientist
    wasps, 2002, via lorinix.net-diorama
    Wasps, 2002, from the Some Other Place series, Lori Nix
    Colonies of Bacteria Do Battle - Paenibacillus dendritiformis
    Colonies of Bacteria Do Battle - Paenibacillus dendritiformis. Image via Microbe World
    'ten yards of futopia' by michael bernstein via designboom
    Ten yards of futopia, Michel Bernstein. Via designboom
    Coleochaete scutata (algae), via Human Flower Project
    antlers via dethjunkie.tumblr
    Image via dethjunkie
    Snake Shed, 2008, Lucas de Giulio
    Snake Shed, 2008, Lucas de Giulio, via Aesthetic Taste on tumblr
    the pool by heather perry via pictorymag
    Photograph by Debbie Carlos. Via but does it float
    Lago Nansen, amongst the Andes Mountains in Argentina. (NASA:JSC), via boston.com:bigpicture
    Lago Nansen, amongst the Andes Mountains in Argentina, via The Big Picture
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