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    The frog is dead! Long live the frog!

    There’s no rational explanation for how much I love frogs. I mean, there might be a rational tidbitual oddment I could lay down for you  but all the tidy, comprehensible bullet points in the world wouldn’t do justice to how deeply fascinated and charmed and shivered I am by those little half-blood princes, those darling swimmers who leave the water to tuck the soft green of themselves into the grass so they can lie in wait for me, so they can leap in ambush and make me bark a laugh of surprise at their ridiculous bodies, hurled up from the grass, bounced high, airborne.

    They’re magic little babies, those babies, those slippy boys and girls, with ballooning throats and jewelled eyes. And such organised life-cyclists, too, god bless them, so willing to share with clumsy humans the marvel of their bodily transitions.

    But now the frogs are gone from me — the little lake that supported the amphibian madhouse that was the Bay of Frogs, and the marsh where the bittern flew up, and the Northwest Passage (so densely packed with grasses and other aquatic plant life that it was never fully traversed by me and my paddling ally, my son, but oh the sweated muscled joy we had trying), all of it unavailable now, all of it gone from our lives.

    The new place we lit upon is lovely really, but it has no bay thick with waterlilies and a constant roil of frogs. I’m no minimalist in the matter of frogs; for me it’s always the more the frogs, the lighter my heart. Now it’s a different joy I have to make or find and I’ll do my best. But there will never be a day that I don’t miss the little lake and the little bay paved thick with frogs.

    On the little lake, 13 August 2010. (Excuse my atrocious, er, cinematography.):


    “It’s Not Easy Being Green”:

    from a bio textbook illus by charley harper 1961 via insidemyhideaway
    Illustration by Charley Harper, from The Giant Golden Book of Biology: An Introduction to the Science of Life, 1961. Via Inside My Hideaway
    frog illustration, via Ninainvorm's photostream
    Frog illustration from a vintage children's book. Via Ninainvorm's photostream on Flickr
    Christopher Wormell, illustration from Teeth, Tails, and Tentacles
    Illustration from Teeth, Tails, and Tentacles, Christopher Wormell. Via Animalarium
    3 frog andrew mockett K&C
    Frog, Andrew Mockett. Via Animalarium
    Toad Mixed media, 2010, via Rebecca Hossack
    Toad, 2010, Andrew Mockett. Via Rebecca Hossack Art Gallery
    miss kermit? via Joana Esteves' photostream
    frog via MIgraciònTOtal on flickr
    three-legged frog, 2010
    Three-legged frog, 2010, Nate Oberst
    via pantufla's photostream
    picasso la grenouille
    La grenouille, Pablo Picasso. Via Michele's World
    ezra jack keats
    Frog on a branch, illustration by Ezra Jack Keats, from In a Spring Garden, 1965. Via visualizeus
    Frog by Gabe Sice (Zuni) - Deer antler
    Frog made of deer antler, Gabe Sice (Zuni). Via Cabochon Designz
    waterlilies, 2010
    On my morning paddle, Bay of Frogs, early morning, before the frogs came out to play, Katy McDevitt
    Big Boy With Frog, 2009, Charles Ray via plan-neuf
    Big Boy With Frog, 2009, Charles Ray. Via Plan-Neuf
    FROG MASK by Greg Present Haida (British Columbia), 1986 via parl.gc.ca
    Frog mask by Greg Present, Haida, British Columbia, 1986. Via Parliament of Canada"
    Hyla arborea (Tree Frog from Suriname, 1772) via peacay
    Hyla arborea, tree frog from Surinam, 1772. Via peacay's photostream on Flickr
    Historia naturalis ranarum nostratium 1758 c via peacay
    From Historia naturalis ranarum nostratium, 1758. Via peacay's photostream on Flickr
    Sunderland frog mug, inscribed ''A West View of the Iron Bridge over the Wear under the Patronage of R. Burdon Esq., Dixon & Co. Sunderland 1813
    Sunderland frog mug, inscribed ''A West View of the Iron Bridge over the Wear under the Patronage of R. Burdon Esq., Dixon & Co. Sunderland 1813". Via A Polar Bear's Tale
    Kermit. Duh.
    frogs on the mantel
    Frogs on my mantel, 2010, Katy McDevitt.
    via polarbearstaleblogspot
    The Origin of Species, via AllPosters
    Rhacophore de Reinwardt via peacay photostream
    Rhacophore de Reinwardt. Via peacay's photostream on Flickr
    Rakusan Tsuchiya, woodblock print via bibliodyssey
    Woodblock print by Rakusan Tsuchiya. Via BibliOdyssey
    newsy via kozmic dreams
    "Good News for All with Coughs & Cold", medicine card, early 20th century. Via Kozmic Dreams
    Lorenzo Mattotti, from The Raven by Mattotti (illus) and Lou Reed (text), 2009, inspired by Edgar Allan Poe’s The Raven (c) Mattotti, courtesy of Galerie Martel
    Illustration by Lorenzo Mattotti, from The Raven by Mattotti (illus.) and Lou Reed (text), 2009, inspired by Edgar Allan Poe. Via The 50 Watts tumblr
    Flying frog Sarawak 1855 by Alfred Russel Wallace
    Flying frog (Rhacophorus nigropalmatus) from Sarawak, 1855, A. R. Wallace. Via the The Alfred Russel Wallace Website
    Frog and pond via ogatageko.net
    Frog and pond by Ogata Gekko
    mummified frog mc escher 1946
    Mummified Frog, drawing, 1946, M.C. Escher. Via National Gallery of Canada
    Hyla maxima (tree frog) specimen from the Hunterian Museum of the Royal College of Surgeons of England. Photo by Elaine Duigenan
    Hyla maxima. Tree frog specimen from the Hunterian Museum of the Royal College of Surgeons of England. Photo by Elaine Duigenan
    GLASS FROG or SEE-THROUGH FROG (Hyalinobatrachium pellucidum) via tumblr
    Glass frog photographed by Heidi and Hans-Jürgen Koch. Image via National Geographic
    frogwhowouldwooinggo via 50 watts
    Illustrations by an unknown artist, from The Frog Who Would A Wooing Go, (Boston, circa 1858). Via 50 Watts
    frogshoesvia enjoy art
    Chaussures J.B. Torrilhon poster. Via Enjoy Art
    Charley Harper frog illustration. Via Sew~Amy
    Frog, painter unknown, Japan, 1814 via brit museum
    Frog painted by an unknown artist, Japan, 1814. Via The British Museum
    frog via gutpilestyle
    Cleaned, skinned bullfrog. Via Gut Pile Style
    frog manicure via panlovespolish tumblr
    Frog pedicure. Via Pan Loves Polish
    frog in your throat via kozmic dreams
    "Frog in Your Throat?" postcard, early 20th century. Via Kozmic Dreams
    giant-gummy-frog via foolishgadgets
    Giant gummy frog. Via Perpetual Kid
    Keroppi, via Sanrio
    de castelbajac kermit jacket 2009
    Kermit the Frog jacket by Jean-Charles de Castelbajac, 2009. Via roadkillgirl
    2100-4590_drinkin_frog via enjoyart
    Lengrand Bières poster. Via Enjoy Art
    feet first martin kippenberger 1990
    Feet First (Prima i piedi), 1990, Martin Kippenberger. Via designboom
    woodblock print, 867, by teiyu, via brit mus
    Surimono, woodblock print, ca. 867, by Teiyu. Via The British Museum
    Michigan Frog, animation cel, Warner Bros. Provenance unknown.
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