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    A poem I think you should read (6)

    After the Alphabets
    W.S Merwin

    I am trying to decipher the language of insects
    they are the tongues of the future
    their vocabularies describe buildings as food
    they can instruct of dark water and the veins of trees
    they can convey what they do not know
    and what is known at a distance
    and what nobody knows
    they have terms for making music with the legs
    they can recount changing in a sleep like death
    they can sing with wings
    the speakers are their own meaning in a grammar without horizons
    they are wholly articulate
    they are never important they are everything

    drawing by peony yip
    Drawing by Peony Yip
    pink katydid by carol freeman via telegraph
    Pink katydid photographed by Carol Freeman. Via The Telegraph
    newyorker cover based on amcqueen hat
    New Yorker cover, March 29, 2010. Illustration by Ana Juan, based on Alexander McQueen's butterfly hat for Isabella Blow, 2004. Via Me & Mrs. Jones
    CD art from the special edition of Noble Beast by Andrew Bird. Via Stereogum
    Lucem Sanctam, 2006, Emilio Isgrò. Via art&insects
    still from Butterfly Dress Pledge,  (1974) by shuji terayama via
    Still from Butterfly Dress Pledge, 1974, Shuji Terayama. Via Brief Glimpses of Beauty
    Michal Jankowski_Anthill Man, 2010
    Anthill Man, 2010, Michal Jankowski. Via art&insects
    Untitled (Beetles) Johannes Theodor Baargeld
    Untitled (Beetles), 1920, Johannes Theodor Baargeld. Via MoMA
    Beetle Brow from Murray Tinkelman’s Bestiary, 1970 via 50 watts
    "Beetle Brow" from the Bestiary series, 1970, Murray Tinkelman. Via 50 Watts
    this is the coa via bankysforum
    fear of depth detail
    Fear of depth, detail, 2006, Gabriel Dawe
    Araignée, 1887, Odilon Redon.
    Ronald Fischer, beekeeper, Davis, California, May 9, 1981. Photograph by Richard Avedon.

    uniqlo ad
    Ad for the final installment of Jun Takahashi's UU Uniqlo Undercover capsule, fall 2012 campaign. Via Racked

    Amazing Stories cover, July 1926, via fantastic.library.cornell.edu
    Amazing Stories, July 1926. Via Cornell University Library
    Parasite illustrations, 1811, from Senchu-fû (Thousand Insect Manuscripts) by Kurimoto Tanshu. Via The Endless Swarm
    Mosca leporina, 2000, Enzo Cucchi. Via Paolo Curti/Annamaria Gambuzzi & Co
    Colony- Schmidt (I-II), 2010 by Talia Greene
    Colony: Schmidt (I-II), 2010, Talia Greene
    praying mantis, 2008, Marta Pieczonko
    Large-Roach, 2006, Tom Sachs, jpg
    Large Roach, 2006, Tom Sachs. Via Art Tattler
    death's head moth tattoo
    Death's head hawk moth tattoo, via Angela Angelini on Pinterest
    "Days and Nights" 2007
    Days and Nights, 2007, Klara Kristalova. Via art&insects
    hubert duprat
    Trichopterae, a collaboration between the Hubert Duprat and a group of caddis fly larvae. Via Cabinet
    Fear of depth  Hand-embroidery on de-constructed shirt via gabriel dawe on flickr
    Fear of depth, 2006, hand embroidery on deconstructed shirt, Gabriel Dawe
    Saturn Moths
    Saturn Moths from the Entomology series by V L A D I M I R on Behance
    stephane blanquet body paint
    Epiderme, 2010, Stéphane Blanquet. Via Wurzeltod
    Page from Vladimir Nabokov's copy of The Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka, 1946, with Nabokov's holograph annotations and retranslations. Berg Collection. Via art&insects
    insects by E.A
    From the Insectes series by E.A. Séguy. Via BibliOdyssey
    image via bohemian hellhold
    Piece from a collaboration between artist Jennifer Angus and interior designer Brad Ford. Via Bohemian Hellhole
    Locusta migratoria via bibliodyssey
    Locusta migratoria, via BibliOdyssey
    1944, Olga Kowalevsky, illus. for 30 chantefables pout les enfants sages, a chanter sur n'importe quel air by Robert Desnos via 50 watts
    Illustration from 30 Chantefables Pour Les Enfants Sages, 1944, Olga Kowalewsky. Via 50 Watts
    After Dr. E. Assumus 1865
    After Dr. E. Assumus 1865, Aganetha Dyck
    Hair II by Peony Yip via The_White_Deer's photostream
    Drawing by Peony Yip
    Imperial Moth via V L A D I M I R on Behance
    Imperial Moth from the Entomology series by V L A D I M I R on Behance
    insects 2 by E.A
    From the Insectes series by E.A. Séguy. Via BibliOdyssey
    photo by shikhei goh via colossal
    Photo by Shikhei Goh via Colossal
    'plagas biblicas' by nel colectivo image © designboom 2
    plagas biblicas by Nel Colectivo. image © designboom
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