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    The green of creation

    Green is the colour of making. It is. It just is. A metaphor of growth is completely the right metaphor for making. Germinating, budding, flowering … those are the parts of making every bit as much as they are the parts of plant growth.

    Green is a colour of unbelievable power for me. Maybe partly because of what it promises, maybe partly because of what it describes.
    The shortest poem I’ve ever written is made up of my three favourite words:


    That green embrace is not just the embrace of the boreal forest, altho’ god knows that is an embrace that I crave and court, always. That green embrace is not just that thing, no. It is also that moment of whoosh when the words run down your fingers, riverine, and onto the page and you just can’t stop them from pouring out and down and onto and over everything. It’s the effortless moment of epiphany when the making just happens and you don’t have to cajole or seek any more than the forest floor has to take the incipient fern out for dinner and a movie to charm the fern into unfurling. The fiddleheaded fern unfurls because it must.

    Product of Eden by Mary Catherine Newcomb, 2007
    green joy by Katy McDevitt, 2007
    Traces No. 8 by Valerie Hammond, 2006
    Glasscape by Jean Shin, 2005
    Microscape 5 by Katsumi Hayakawa
    Kansas crop circles via vitrap.com
    Bosje Bloemen Handschoen (Glove of Flowers) by Felieke Van Der Leest, 1999
    Green Vase by Eugene von Bruenchenhein, date unknown (ca. 1960s or '70s)
    Plastic flower garden, in Eccentric Gardens by Jane Owen, photographs by Eric Crichton

    Mmmmm. Green makes me sigh. But Katy– blue! It’s blue! I swim in blue, no matter where I sit.

    Jaylynn added these words on Jul 14 09 at 2:37 am

    Green is the queen and blue her consort.

    Didn’t you once say that the blue that is the colour of the cut edge of glass is your favourite colour? I love that.

    Blue will have his day in the sun here too. Promise. But all must make obeisance before the green queen first.

    Katy added these words on Jul 14 09 at 8:27 am

    Yes, I sure did say that. If the whole world was that blue-green (note I do not think it is green-blue), I would be happy.

    But, yes, I shall bow to green, for you.

    Jaylynn added these words on Jul 14 09 at 9:57 pm

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